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    Fornost shadow = the new SG... its so freaking hard

    Trying with my cappy, a guard, 2 dps, a LM and a mini

    We keep trying it but these adds hit hard, and we're trying to take them all at the same time because thats the challenge... Do you need a warden for this or something, to just grab everything? This is stupid hard compared to water, earth, or fire wings.
    Can I has fixed Fornost and ITA lootboxes?

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    It's about time there's an instance that's not incredibly easy. I suggest you take two hunters, champ, tank, healer, cappy, have champ stand at the left brazier so that he can stun and aoe the bats, have the captain count to 10 after the braziers are lit then pop oathbreakers on the boss,hopefully just as the bats are dying and everyone focus on the boss, burn it fast. do this twice, kill the other ads while the boss is immune
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    You need to stun the big ghost!

    Other than that , the rest don't hit much.

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    I found it to be kinda easy after update 10. You can almost kill the last boss in 1 brazer go, with FA-weapons being so easy to obtain. Remembered this wing being nasty and taking hours, now its zerged in 10-15 minutes.

    But I do agree that its hard compared to 6-mans in Annuminas or Great Barrows. I also think people might perceive Shadow as hard because they are use to face-rolling content with unconventional groups. You can for example do Sammy/OE without healers and tanks.

    Shadow is still easy if you a have a traditional group. For the last fight you actually need those cooldowns. You need a main healer and a real tank that knows how to play (no 8k morale chimp or Loremaster main healing), you also need antistun and decent dps. I have done it without Oathbreakers, Harms way + Last Stand and Rally Cry spam, that was tricky. But if you actually have a cappy and someone that can CC the painful ghost, this fight becomes another face-roll.

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    Mez the spirit and it's a faceroll-easy fight. The spirit is doing constant 5k AoE hits, the other adds and the boss barely hit for anything. We did it without a healer (except for a few LM heals)
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    Tips and Guide

    As others have already mentioned, you need to CC the single wight that spawns by the brazier that the boss is originally near at the beginning of the fight, as it deals massive AOE damage. You shouldn't even try to take out any of the other adds until the braziers go dark. You can use AOEs to try and take them down, but for the most part, a champ should be used to light the left brazier (as you enter) so that they can raging blades the bats (to keep the bats off the healer), and I normally tank the boss next to the right brazier, so the tank can pick up the 3 skeletons that spawn on that side (have a capt, hunter, non-healer/tank light the right one). Use stun immunity on the champ, healer, and tank right before the braziers are lit, unless you don't have a LM, then simply let the champ get the aggro and have them use blood rage.

    Remmenaeg also has a fear he'll place on people that absorbs morale and heals him. This must be cleared ASAP.

    He also reflects certain types of damages (as do all the Wraith bosses in the Fornost instances), specifically, Common, AD, Westernesse, and Fire. He's weakest to Light and Westernesse, so Hunters/Wardens should use light. It use to be if you waited the 5 mins that debuff is up it would go away, but the last time I was in there recently (post U11) it refreshed, so that might not be a possibility anymore. Either way, if you are using mostly Fire damage (Rune-keepers), then you need to monitor your DPS a bit just to make sure you don't accidentally kill yourself, as the reflect is 25% of your damage.

    Once the braziers go dark, kill remaining adds (leave the single wight for last), and then you can sit for as long as needed before relighting them (so, for example, if you want to wait for Oathbreakers to reset, just sit there), just make sure you watching for the fear that heals him.

    As a side note, you can DPS Remmenaeg while the braziers are NOT lit using DOTs (Champ Rend, Rune-keeper Writ of Fire, Hunters fire DOT while using Fire oil, Warden skills, etc). So if you don't manage to get halfway through his morale on the first try, simply use DOTs to get him there (and further if you want). If your RK is healing the fight, make sure they bring the chisel (or whatever it is) that allows them to use Writ of Fire without moving their attunement.

    Other than that, I don't really think this fight is all that difficult, once you know what you need to do. If they really wanted to make it tough they'd add a 5 min timer or something to the challenge quest so you cant just turtle for however long you need. I'm pretty sure the braziers stay lit for a minute, so that's 2 minutes of braziers being lit, and 3 for setup, add killing, etc.

    For a guide I wrote for this instance (which is probably a bit more clear and concise than what I just wrote), please click here (guide is stored on Google Drive).

    Good luck!

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    OK so check out this glitch.... Ruined the whole entire game for us

    Can I has fixed Fornost and ITA lootboxes?



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