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    [Landroval] The Radiant - Heavy RP, Total Immersion, Slow Leveling


    The Story
    We were all normal people living our every day lives in and around Archet. Then the Blackwolds decided to set it aflame. Many loved ones and friends were lost in the battle, but we survived to live another day. Our eyes were open that fateful night, these were dark times ahead and our simple lives were not longer that, simple. The Radiance is what each of us saw when we looked for answers. It was our coping mechanism in the time of need. We found each other and formed a bond stronger then we had ever known. Deep in our hearts we knew the pain we shared and we vowed together to smite the evil responsible. We helped those around us, took care of their troubles as slowly found the answers we needed.

    Basic Information
    The Radiant is a kin focused on heavy role play while also totally immersing ourselves into the game. As a kin, our story will be based upon the quests our characters are taking. We will have a level cap to keep everyone near the same range and slowly go through the story together. We will try to quest and level together but that is a near impossible feat, so I will add in side stories that we may role play that tie in with the current story line. Role playing and story is the key, leveling is not.

    While we are trying to be a Total Immersion Kin; everyone does not have to play this way if they do not wish. If grouping with the kin though, we do ask that you try your best to cooperate and do not pass the level cap that has been set. If you have the points, we ask that you purchase a XP disabler so it easy not to pass this cap.

    Please look over our website if you're interested (the link is below the picture). If you have questions, you can respond here, our forum, or contact me in game under the handle, Hernth.

    We are currently capped at level 10 and haven't begun the quest line out of Archet. Our characters are recovering from the raid and helping douse the flame. We hope you come to help as well!

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    IC Letter to Kin:
    Brothers and Sisters of the Radiant,

    Life has changed dramatically for us all in the last week, but I feel our questions will not be fully answered here in Archet. We shall spread our radiance upon the town of Combe and continue there our work. Finish what needs be done in Archet and meet us there, brothers and sister, for our light blocks away the shadow upon this land. Our justice will be served.


    Hernth the Radiant

    I have bumped the level cap to 15 and we're moving our base of operations to Combe. If you're interested in heavy role play and total immersion, please look us up!



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