Taking this quest is a prime example of total immersion play. For completion of quests, I never use the map or quest focus to find the places I need to go or to find things such as a bird's nest. Often, the NPC giving the quests will give directions to find what is needed to finish the quest. But with this one Arrod the Elf would only say:

"Hendrevail make their nests in the high places of the Bruinen Gorges"

That is not much to go on...I have not run quests in the Trollshaws for over two years so I honestly could not remember where to find this nest. Walking around at all times can make a day cycle go by very quickly. In the time between Noon and Evening, I searched along the heights along the Road, looking at every nook and slope I came across, but found nothing.

So, finishing this quest may take some time...