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    Preparations for the Happy Holidays! (Real Life)

    What is this? "Real Life?" In our wonderfully immersed world of Tolkien? Bah humbug, phooey! Down in front you!

    Out with the skepticism and in with the "real"-ism! Ha..haha..ha..

    I just finished rigorously installing some festive lights in honor of our permanent snowfall here in Canada (eh?) and wanted to share it with all you folk here on Landroval forums, but also wanted to ask and wonder what are your future plans / already completed plans in getting prepared for the Happy Holidays?

    It doesn't need to be completed yet, even brainstorming *sorry -- "Thought Showers"* (if you don't get the joke, Google it) but I genuinely am interested into other ideas that everyone else is planning or have done so far for these next few months.

    If I'm lucky this could potentially turn into an archive of awesome creativity and inspiration!

    I present to you what I've managed to do so far! Sorry no Santa & Deers on the roof this year.

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    Very Nice Decoration
    Gonna party like it's 2014

    Durrga R13 Hunter *Highguard of Numenor /Medwulf (semi-retired) R10 Champ / Vei the Burg R9

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    Quote Originally Posted by medwulf View Post
    Very Nice Decoration
    Gonna party like it's 2014

    Yeahhh!!! What is love?! I can hear it playing as I watch. Mancrush on Will Ferrel man. Jim Carrey too.

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    Hey Strobe, your house looks awesome.

    What am I doing... well, I got a seasonal job, so I'll likely be working the most inconvenient hours possible, woohoo! Like midnight to 8 on Black Friday... *wince*

    I am also graduating in two weeks, which would be awesome if my laptop that I do all my projects on (as well as play LOTRO) did not die (well, the fan, to be specific). So it'll be a crunch against time + camping out on campus for computer use as I cross fingers for it to be repaired before the 9th. In the meanwhile I miss procrastinating on projects with LOTRO. I've been doing a lot of reading instead.

    Then I'll see if I can convince the family to get a Santa hat for the newish puppy. Yep.

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