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    Farewell Fair Crickhollow!

    Lotro was the first mmo I ever experienced - I wished for a long time to try it, but the monetary cost seemed a bit steep to me. That was until it became ftp; naturally I joined as soon as I could I stayed as a fpt player for only a matter of days before moving up to Premium, bought the special Moria disc boxed set for Nuri from Amazon, and even pre-ordered RoR when it came out. Since then, I have never looked back! Being a Tolkien fan (and even perhaps a fanatic), this game has been (and remains so) a treasure to me.

    Crickhollow was the second server I joined (after a brief stint on another, which I cannot remember right now) and had stayed with over the three years since. I have had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people, I found a place to run my Total Immersion stories, founded my very first kin, and enjoyed a very good time over the years thanks to this wonderful community on this server.

    Yet, I found that my love of rping was lacking on such a small server. For many months I looked longingly at Landroval, wishing I could create what lovely things were being done there, as well as having a more populous number of rpers. This is only because Crickhollow is a far smaller server, not due to the talent of the role players here.

    And so, I must regretfully and sadly announce that I am moving over to Landroval permanently. I have removed Nuri as the kin leader of Durin's Folk to allow the others to take the kinship over in my leaving, for that is the least I must do. I have deleted all but Nuri and Theo from my toons, only because both are so very dear to my heart. My stories here will, unfortunately not be continued, I am sad to say.

    I must thank all the great players that have helped me over the years to develop my rp ability and of course to all the wonderful support to my stories. I cannot thank you all for the great times I have had here on this server and will cherish them forever.

    I have begun a new Total Immersion story on Landroval concerning a dwarf named Brimbur and have plans for two other stories to be started very soon. Once again, I must thank you all for the support and friendship that has been so generously given to me and I can only ask for understanding in my decision to move over to Landroval.

    Yet, despite all of this unfortunate news, do not be surprised to see Theo or Nuri wandering about the lands. I would certainly look forward to chatting or battling along side anyone that I may meet!

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    Farewell, then, as one path draws to a close, and another begins. Wherever you might travel, may the stars shine on your road.

    I might see you in Landroval then, since I'm also considering transferring to either Laurelin or Landroval for the RP. I just need to get my two on Crickhollow high enough to join a kinship some forum friends and I are planning.

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    Sorry to see you leave for Landy, I joined this server after a poll on forums was placed what did we as subs want to see the new server bent be. Crick was vote high as a aux RP server. I did not come to Crick to RP, but for the chance to start over with other from my home server Menedlor. hoping the possible RP community would be and open group. My your journy on Landy be to your liking.

    In Middle Earth from Beta 2

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    My dwarf Penelopi will be so lonely.......

    It was bad enough with the other dwarves all making her stay inside. She never met anyone.

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    I am sorry to see you go, but if heading to Landy refuels your passion for RP it is certainly for the best. It is a pity our paths did not cross more often here, but I certainly knew that our server was richer for your presence and your move will be a great loss to many of us Crickits. I hope I will run across you sometime on the rare trips I make across the sea to Landroval. In the meantime I know there will be a few who will keep the fires burning here on Crickhollow.

    For any interested in Brucha's new Total Immersion saga, please visit this thread from the Landroval forums. I know I'll look forward to the new chapters.

    But for now, happy trails to you and best of luck on your new adventure.
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    I was sad to hear you left. Your absence from Crickhollow has been a great loss, even for elvish kind. Your role-playing campaigns were unlike anything I have witnessed or had the pleasure of participating in to date. The effort and generosity of spirit with which you operated, continues to inspire myself and others, even now. (I have often considered redirecting my efforts over to Landroval. Surely it is a good fit for you, but a decision that could not have been easy to make.)
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