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    Warg DPS exploit

    Hi guys, I heard that there is a warg exploit that some people use to get 20k dps in a few secs. Has anyone tried it and is it feasible to be used or does it break the spirit of pvp?
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    Actions of other players are what you make of them, and in PvP it is very subjective. But when it comes to exploits, they are a no-no and I may have been on a break for a while... but I'm preeeeetty sure Turbine still doesn't approve of talk of exploits on their forums.... just sayin...
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    You need to trait 6 critical rating and then macro your "Eye Rake" "Claws" and "Maul" and "Rend Flesh" skills.

    Or something like that, I don't really play a warg, but I've fought them and I look at my combat logs and see it.

    We have at least 2 Wargs on E doing that...
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    Yes there is a dps exploit where you can get like 20k dps in a few seconds.

    Roll a burg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by weiminc38 View Post
    20k dps in a few secs.
    Quote Originally Posted by PeppermyntPatty View Post
    20k dps in a few seconds

    damage per second

    If you do 20 k damage in a few secs it is not 20 k dps.



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