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    Pit of Iron-Dunland Frustration

    I just finished playing through the Pit of Iron area in Dunland and ended up leaving without finishing the quests. There were multiple levels, making finding quest locations difficult and the quest tracker and location indicator didn't show up on the map. So, because I couldn't see where I needed to go or even where I was, I ended up running around aimlessly the best I could navigate while being constantly mobbed the entire time. I personally found the mysterious iron quest especially frustrating because it was spread out, and at different levels.

    To me, although the story did make some developments, it really didn't fit very well with the theme of the surrounding quests. And why they wanted to smack you back into a Moria-like environment is beyond me.

    Now, I liked Moria and I do every quest that I can. So, I have perhaps more patience then most. But this area brought me to the verge of tears and I actually abandoned a repeatable quest because I just couldn't stand it anymore. I know there are those who love "challenges," but this was just frustrating.

    I wanted to make another thread to show that this area needs improvement, but I posted this thread to see if there were others who felt the same way (I know, there will always be some who LOVE the area) before I squawked to Turbine about it. So, did anyone else feel the same way or did my morning coffee just make me hyper-impatient?

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    Hehe...just did a forum search for this and found I'm not alone. Still would like to hear any feedback.

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    Agree :)

    Guess I'm of the same sort,I like do all the quests.
    I did them all in the Pit on two of my chars. But never again. They are simply not worth it.

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    Not one of my favourite places either. I have taken 3 chars through that, but I always look on Google for some advice (IIRC there was a map somewhere), and I recieved some advice from other players which I immediately saved in my img. But I still remember my first time there, and it was horrible due to all the facts you mentioned (and the invisible holes on the floor, but that's another story)

    However, being the quest completionist I am, I made the effort to do all my questing there. Once you complete it on one character, you just need to keep the memory fresh and all the other ones will be a much bearable experience

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    Worth the atmosphere

    No doubt, it's a little tough to navigate at first, but I found the cool environment/atmosphere worth it. I like being an explorer, and once I had explored the zone fairly thoroughly on my firs toon, I found that repeating it the others was not that tough. I for one think it is a great OPTION for players that complain that most of the content is too easy. There are some tougher/more challenging quests in there (like killing the monster rainbow worm on level) that I found refreshing. If you don't like a challenge, you can skip it without feeling like you missed a big part of the story. I think they should have areas like this in every zone.



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