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    Looking for RP friendly people in Laurelin

    USA West Coast here. I play Withywindle and my kinship are fabulous and helpful people but noone on Withywindle does RP at all. They tend to treat the game as a generic MMO that just happens to have middle earth as a setting. Fair enough but I like stories and stuff. So I'm seeking out the RP types.

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    Well, let's see what rp kinships I can remember...

    Riders of the Riddermark (man-only kinship--you must have the title "of Rohan" to join, but they have a nice kinship epic story and events to boot. Joylil and Eoryn I believe are both officers there.)

    Angmarim Thaurdae (man-only kinhsip. Their website, angmarim.shivtr.org has information on how to create an Angmarim. They are not officially active on the server yet, but you can send a /tell to Baugu when he's online for additional information.)

    Durin's Folk (dwarf-only kinship. They do regular rp events and are happy to work with people new to roleplay. If I remember correctly, their website is durinsfolk.shivtr.com.)

    The Dourhands (a dwarven kinship that also accepts men and goblins {a form of hobbit rp.} Basically, this is an evil rp kinship, although some of the men and dwarves are still in a grey area as mercenaries, bandits, people down on their luck, etc. Website: thedourhands.shivtr.com. Hradic, Glirmud, Ataniriel, Gukmuz, and Kalkon are the recruiting officers there.)

    Council of Duillond (an elf-only kinship, and the only one currently active that I have experience with. They are still small, but do some random rp pretty much daily around Duillond in the evenings servertime.)

    Brigands of Bree (a man-only kinship intended for characters in a grey area. They are not downright evil, but they are not precisely good, either. They specialize in highway robbery. Blackbent, their leader, is currently rebuilding the kinship. They have a profile on laurelinarchives.org, but I know of no other website for them.)

    I hope that helps!

    Elym/Corendil Frebrand (on Dwarrowdelf)

    Lord Glirmud, son of Lord Hradic Dourbeard (on Laurelin) (and 9 other characters xD)

    ((P.S. If you are interested in the Dourhands, I'd recommend contacting Gukmuz or Kalkon at this point in time. Hradic is on vacation and Glirmud/Ataniriel will also be away for the better part of this week.))
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    There are a lot of roleplay kinships out there, some who role play a little and some who are generally role playing all the time. Most of the RP kinships have details on the Laurelin Archives. I would say that is a GREAT place to start.

    You will probably find that your first encounter role play wise will be Bree but there are many kinships beyond Bree you will find. Take a little time to speak with everyone you meet and see what falls your way or go seeking a kinship out which you like the look of from the Laurelin Archives.

    If i can be of any further help please just send me an IM in game and i will do my utmost to help answer any questions and point you in the right direction from my experience this last 5-6 years role playing on Laurelin.




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