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    The Wild Hunt: Gwenaewen's Spirit?

    Anyone have tips for completing this?
    It's in the Mournshaws of Enedwaith, I'm supposed to race a bird to 5 points, I haven't be able to get to 4 before I "fall to far behind" and fail.
    The first leg the bird flies about my run speed, then the second it sprints then the third its normal again and forth sprints.
    I don't have a sprint, I start running to the first marker right after accepting the race and on to the 2nd, it gets to the 2nd ahead of me (because it sprints) but I'm just behind it still getting to the third and it sprints again to the forth and I fail.

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    It may seem a bit silly and not intuitive, but you can use your horse in the race.

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    Billinjax has the meat of it. Use the fastest horse in your stable to give you an 'edge'. Also be aware that you can ignore the bird during the race. Just beeline for the five posts, try to avoid stickies and picking up too much harassment. Then wait for the bird to 'catch up' after you have reached the end. It make take some time - and I have occasionally had it fail to happen, but the bird does need to complete the course to let you finish successfully.

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    Thank you both.
    Didnt even think to look at my mount since in most instances its greyed out.



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