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    [Landroval] The Black Veil, outlaws of Landroval

    The Black Veil has been created! We are a kin of outlaws who RP, quest, deed, level, and craft as one unit. We currently have a level cap of 18 and raises again in a couple of days. We live on the outskirts of towns, and since most of our members are banned or have bounties, we enter towns only during the dark of night. Not to be noticed. We will be self sufficient, meaning we use what we find or craft within the kin.

    All classes are welcome, prefer the race of man but we have a pesky hobbit who has a dark past in the shire (which works because he isn't too well known in bree-lands and can get quests and share them to us).

    If you truly want to be free, free from any restrictions of a king or ruler, make decisions and money how you see fit without reticule... welcome home. We would love to have you. Message Newendyke in game or mail or reply here. We can RP your recruitment if you so wish too.

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    Ohhh this is awesome! I just made a hunter woman who I had been planning on giving a sort of outlaw-ish/rebellious life. She's currently level 11, I'm planning on getting her to at least 15-18 by the end of this week. Are you guys open for new recruits right now?
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