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    Congratulations on rank 12, Chieftan Choasist!

    A well deserved congratulations to one of Gladden's finest. Onwards to 13 sir.

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    Nov 2007
    Grats Heart. You scary monster you.
    Clown • Reject • Gigabytes

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    Jan 2012
    grats chaos
    Warisi(Champ).......Rangers of the West
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    Gratz Heart! Nice to have a ranked creep around who takes the helm when needed! And to make the freeps cry because they have it oh so tough!

    Misadventure - R14 Hunter, Fatwanda-1 - R10 Guard
    Velvetsixteen - R13 Reaver, Reported - R11 Warg, Gloriousleader - R10 WL

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    Love or Hate Him, you have to recognize.. Highest ranked active Warleader on our Server and 2nd highest overall.. That's a lot of healz and rezzes over the years.. Congratz to a Class that actually deserves a Gratz!!
    Ronnug - The Blueberry Reaver on Gladden
    I don't feel a thing when dieing ingame. The only time I really mind is when the rez is on the other side of the map.

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    I admit, not very happy when you're on, spammin' bubbles and so many green numbers
    Congrats man, respect!
    Trait trees have ruined the game

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    Formidable foe indeed. Congratz on rank 12. Whatever people might say, rank 12 is still a big milestone. Félicitations!

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    Mar 2007
    Grats to a &&&& rk but wonderful WL. Glad u finally nutted up and got voice.

    I shall return from my journey soon and we can murder once again.
    My style is impetuous. My defense is impregnable, and I'm just ferocious. My power is discombobulatingly devastating.

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    Congrats! You are easily one of the best (if not the best) War leader on Gladden. Its always a royal pain to try to take you out on freepside and always a relief to be in your group on creepside.
    Merridan - Burglar lvl 105 (Rank 12)
    Gormadan - Minstrel lvl 105 (Rank 4) : Traldan - Captain lvl 105 : Celebdan - Weaver (Rank 11)

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    Congratulations! I always know when you are out there's a good fight ahead.

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    Grats Chaosist!
    RIP Milkmefondly 2014

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    Sep 2010
    Your dwarf wont be safe forever. OP or not, I'll still bury him in the ground.
    "I should call that a heavy loss, if it was not a wonder rather that in his great age he could still wield his axe as mightily as they say he did, standing over the body of King Brand before the gate of Erebor, until the darkness fell."

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    Grats Heart - the only WL that could consistently beat me during RoI; you were my highest rating defeated for ages LOL.

    Well done and on to r13!
    Duruleth - 100 RK, Durindor - 100 Grd, Durselm - 76 LM, Durscap - 100 Cpt, Henckel - 79 Champ, Durbear - 100 Beorning, Anglin - 67 Mins

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    Yay! Congrats on finally hitting r12, Chaosist! Always a pleasure running with you on Maly, and heaven knows my poor burg dies swiftly enough when against you hehehe. A few and far between great WL indeed! Onwards to r13 for you now! Go go go! *wargy cheer* ^^
    Katrariel - Lvl 95 Guardian : Rank 5 ~~ Myrawyn - Lvl 85 Burglar : Rank 7 ~~
    Malystryx - Warg : Rank 11 ~~ Larkawen - Lvl 59 Loremaster ~~ Banehollow - Defiler : Rank 6 ~~

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    Grats Heart!! Glad you finally got voice again, nub!

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    Grats heart on a well deserved rank, long time a comin!!

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    Gratz I get happier when I see a high rank WL.



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