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    Please make the 4/6 Greater Erebor Healer set useful.

    I currently own the full Greater Erebor Healer set. So far I have used Words of Courage many times and yet never seen any bonus the buff that increases crit chance on healing skills. The chance to get the buff probably is so rediculously low that that it's nearly impossible to get the bonus on a regular basis. It's just shameful how bad the 4/6 set bonus is. A set bonus should at least work on a very regular basis especially considering that the stat bonuses have been removed a while back.

    Why not do the following two things:
    1. Update the description so we can actually read how much chance we have on a setbonus activating. This instead of a very unclear description we currently have.
    2. Make the setbonus like 15% chance on a 15% critbonus every 60s with WoC. Or 10% chance on a 15% critbonus every 60s activated by using any melee/vocal healing skill.

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    were you in combat...only procs in combat. but yes, i agree its not a very good bonus.
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    Sadly, most of the Erebor sets aren't worth the time...

    2 Perseverance/ 4 Hytbold Healer or 2 Perseverance/2 Command are far superior choices =/
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