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    Sep 2010

    Freaky Peoples of Middle Earth

    We are a brand new, casual, adult-only kinship looking for other adults into alternative lifestyles. We may become more end-game serious in the future but for the time being we're all about socializing and helping each other out. Looking for all races, classes and levels but you absolutely must be over 18 to join this kinship.

    Calmelthiriel (Leader)
    Cyllbereth (Officer)
    Knobbyfoot (Officer)
    Landroval: Celebronwyn - M; Cethleann - H; Fetha - G; Mirik - G; Calelyn - Cappy; Calmelthiriel - RK
    Crickhollow: Fetha - Cappy

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    Thumbs up We have Hit Rank 4

    and are on our way to Rank 5 in about two weeks time, if y ou have any questions feel free to get a hold of myself or the leader, we are still pretty casual and may get hardcore at some point,right now we are saving up for our kinship house and getting decorations and things, if you are not sure yet about joining us hit one of us up on im and chat,if you need help with a quest or deed dont hesitate to ask myself or whoever else is on at the moment.
    If you are going to be bad, be bad with purpose, otherwise your just not worth Forgiving

    Damon Salvatore

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    Cool A Small Bump

    we here at "Freaky Peoples of Middle Earth" have recently hit rank 6, and are well on our way to a glorious kin house soon, we are still recruiting people, and just enjoying all that LOTRO has to offer, as a officer i am looking into perhaps bringing RP to the kin,as well as active raid and skirm runs also, we are all just fun people who love the lore of LOTRO and happy to let others into our little kinship here.

    for more info feel free to send a Tell in game to myself or our leader.

    Happy Travels to everyone in middle earth
    If you are going to be bad, be bad with purpose, otherwise your just not worth Forgiving

    Damon Salvatore



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