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    New Characters, Welcome

    Hello! I just wanted to say Hi to all the faces of Arkenstone. I want as many replies on this as possible! If you have are an old server member, or a brand new person to the game, I want everyone everywhere to feel welcome and happy! So go on, don't waste any time! Reply! If you aren't sure about something, ask in GLFF. In need of a kin, go to Bree, you'll find 20,000+ kinships looking for people to join and help out! Want a fellowship, don't be afraid to ask! People are always going to be nice and say yes or no. But all in all, don't be a hater. Just find ways to have fun, hang loose, and relax. I myself don't want LOTRO to be a game where everyone's always arguing about this or that. Lord of the Rings Online should be a laid back game that nobody should fight on. Everyone deserves a chance to have fun and relax. If you can't find anything to do, just talk to people. EVERYONE needs to feel welcome on EVERY server. Noobs and old players alike. Have fun and I hope to see you in the game soon.
    ~~Farakump Fiafarn Fallen King of Lindon (read my in-game bio to understand)
    P.S. The only way to truly understand yourself is to forget what you know and just let yourself have as much fun along the way. Have fun. Do your best and just all in all, have a great time in life and you'll have a better time when you're alone to remember what fun you had in those times. If you cant fight and win. Don't fight. Give up and let them leave till you land the critical hit.

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    Red face

    Hullo Aideani and well met!

    I must say, I'm very happy to read your message, thanks for spreading some sunshine around Middle Earth! I'm experienced in MMOs, but have only been playing LotRO for 2 years. Mostly I adventure on my own, but recently decided to check out the forums in an effort to connect to the LotRO community. So thanks for the warm greeting to all of us who are a wee new on the forums. I definitely second your message; I'm a huge fan of ENJOYING games such as this, and not getting caught up in the negative. We're all fellow gamers here! Cheers, and may the stars smile on the road before you!

    - Talarel Stormwing, Arkenstone

    (btw that quote in your postscript is lovely, and very true! )
    [COLOR=#006400][B]+Talarel Stormwing - lv79 Ranger - Arkenstone[/B]+[/COLOR]
    [SIZE=1](Normally a solo adventurer, now currently seeking a fun, relaxed kinship)[/SIZE]
    "If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you."[/I]

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    Hello all,

    Just started playing this game yesterday and decided to play on this server. Currently I am a Champion at level 11 and really like the game so far. I have been playing a lot of other MMO's and wanted to change it up a little and this game seemed like the perfect choice since I love LOTR and Tolkien.

    At some point in the future I will be looking to join a Kinship. Just leveling right now and getting a feel for the community and the game.

    See you all in game!

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    welcome !

    Hi there TSmitty , glad to see new people coming . Well, when i read champ , first thing that came to mind was the Order of Fate resident Champ Dandalfboy, whos always seeking how to beat on level instance content solo or with the less heals posible and could be a great mentor for an aspiring champ in the future ! of course theres a handfull of superb champs that at at best in their respected playstyle..for example Derlan in pvmp !! you will find plenty advice from good players at glff , welcome to arkenstone !
    Ascension-Arkenstone :
    Third Marshal Finarfintook Minstrel
    Fire Rk Finarjul r10 & Finwetook r7 burg
    Creeps: Finsnightmare r8 defiler/ Finscreep r5 rvr

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    Thanks! I'm...relatively new? Still not sure how to work the system to it's full potential and not even level 30 yet? But I started out on Crickhollow as it was the recommended server and as I had no idea what I was doing/ had never played an MMO before. Then after a bit I just kind of went 'eh' and started looking for another server. Arkenstone seemed to have a reputation for being helpful and more mature and such, and you all have lived up to that. Just wanted to say thanks, I guess.

    (because I'm a soloer without a kin who doesn't talk to anyone)

    And I suppose it's a tribute to the Ark that I'm working the Faire as much as I can to get the Bounder's Boon on our server first... (ignoring the discussion of 'I really see nothing I want and am in fact working to unlock it for people who want said stuff' and other such things.) Currently at 953,600 tokens!

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    Hi there, I am kind of new to the server but not the game.

    Now before you all freak out, I 5 years ago made a terrible mistake, and thought that the name that I was entering was a username, I wanted something silly and typed out what is now my forum name. I didn't notice until I made a post.

    I like the thread, its nice to see something so welcoming.



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