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    Here and There : What are the differences, and what should I be prepared for?

    Basically, I've played this for a little over 2 years, and I'm getting to the point where I'm wondering what is left to do. The one thing that sprang to mind is Role-playing, but I'm a little hesitant for 2 reasons, hence the title.

    What would (if any) the difference be like, in comparing a RP server like Laurelin to Withywindle/Snowbourn e.t.c.

    What should I be prepared for? I've looked into the lore of Tolkien after reading through LOTR a few years ago (The Children of Hurin, The Silmarallion and The Hobbit) but I wouldn't consider myself an expert on matter's like language/history. If I ever did decide to do a bit of RP'ing, I would probably go with the race of Man (to start with) and just try and bluff my way out of any sticky situations.

    There's also the possibility that I'm reading too much into this, because from what I remember this is the less strict of the 2 English-speaking RP servers (RE stands for Role play-Enforced, unless I'm mistaken). I'm asking here mainly because I'd rather not make a fool of myself in my first few minutes... my blushes were all used up when I first started!

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    Just put yourself in the place of the character (within the parameters of the world you've read about), use your common sense and be aware of the actions of any partner with whom you engage in roleplay. As long as you're not doing anything daft like trying to be a jedi knight or power emoting (i.e. performing an action that prevents your RP partner from roleplaying back, such as "John stabs Bob and kills him") you should be fine.

    They're a friendly lot on this server so if you aren't sure about something, just ask ingame. Even the most hardened RPer will give newbies advice, since improving your ability to RP will help improve their own experience.

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    Start simple i think is always the best way.

    When you create a character come up with a name and with that name try to associate a basic background for the character ie where did they come from, what are they doing now and what are their plans. Then as you visualize the character in your mind it will help you create the distinctive features hair/eyes etc during the creation phase.

    Then as the post says above just try to react to things in game as you would see this character reacting rather than you the person.

    If you play the character a long time you will find your characters story will grow overtime as is the case for my main character Khalis Imieran and my man character Aeradin Greymare. Its the interaction ( Roleplay ) in game which has created the last 5 years of story for these characters by chance meetings and being part of story lines created by our kinship and being in those of others.

    Above everything else the game is about having fun and respecting the other players in the game which is why i believe the RP server has a very nice ( for the most part ) player base.

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    RP? yes, try that and it will probably stun you how much thing you can do in RP.

    But before you engage to RP, be sure you choosed right race to RP.

    If you have reasonable large knowledge about lore (read Silmarilion or any other book, or used sites for info) you could try path of Elf

    If you are more or less gathered knowledge trough movies and game, you better start as one of 3 other races.

    Basicly forget main story in book and games, for your characters it is just a faint rumor and bedtime stories, there are goblins and orcs and evil creatures and that is what you fight against or fearing it. (your character could be in total fear from any odd creatures or personas after he survived goblin attack ))

    Then when you choose race you choose land he came from and then you shape its visuals and customs and nature. Not all southerners are bad, not all rohirrims are blond and love horses nor they all serve as rohirrim under Eomer, anyway why he would end in Bree if he is outsider?

    If you dont want to bother with many questions that shold be answered roll man race or hobbit from Bree, or dwarf in exile or traveling craftsman. More down-to-earth your character is it is more enjoyable to play it.

    Well thats my advice.

    After that come to Pony if you are man, hobbit or dwarf and start RP

    If you are elf.. join some of finest kinship like Warband of Imladis, Loth-i-lonnath and many others! They can help you a lot!



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