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    Direct Correlation between quests/deeds and lag/load times

    Done some research, asked around, and discovered beyond a doubt, 100% sure that deeds completed and quests completed on a character relate directly to load times/lag in raids.

    Low level characters load fast and never lag. High level characters that have been power leveled, skipped many zones questing, and have low virtues load in fast and don't lag in game.

    High level characters that have done every zone, every quest and every deed within reason, to max virtues and complete areas load slowly and lag in raids, regardless of the quality of the computer they run.

    I'd like to know if turbine plans on changing the way deed/quest info is stored, so that in instances when it isn't necessary, it could possibly be stored off-site of the character... I don't really know much about game coding, but I feel like there has to be a way to do this.
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    That would make sense from my perspective. My Guardian routinely takes 5-6 minutes to load.
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    I would agree with this. I have a crafting-leveled level 47 that loads in seconds and literally never lags, I have completionist alts (levels 15-30) that take over a minute to load, and I have a level 56 with many open quests and deeds that sometimes lags to the point of being nearly unplayable.

    Though if my main is any indication, completing deeds and quests will lower the load time and lag. I originally had a load time of 7-10 minutes on my main, which had open slayer deeds in every zone and all 50 quest slots filled. Now, I have most of the Eriador deeds finished and only a dozen open quests, and my load time is down to ~3 minutes.

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    Just log a creep and you will see how fast he logs and has less lag than a freep.
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    My highest is lvl 44, and my alts are all 20-34. I do EVERYTHING possible for ALL 17 toons....load times are between 10-30 seconds max. Though at times when I select a character and hit ENTER - if the orange loading bar does NOT appear by about 30 seconds - I just close the game window and reload again - and THEN it goes quickly.

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    not sure if i agree... both load equally slow/fast, my ssd did improve the loading times dramatically!
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    I could not confirm the statement:
    my r4 reaver is unplayable in raids, my main hunter performs well (outside of Moors thou). If I have lags in open world - like running stairs down and in 5-10 seconds being on the top again where I started 10-15 seconds ago - than I have that kind of lags in raids too.

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    There's only two things I know increase initial load in time: crafting and skills. The more recipes your toon knows in a craft, the longer the load time - e.i. tailor. Skills also seem to greatly increase load in time. My warden is a tailor and takes so long to load in that I have to do something else so I don't get bored of the game before I'm even playing it.

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    This has been discussed a few times before. There is a correlation between number of deeds, quests etc and load times. I think there's even a word-of-god confirming this is the case, but can't find it.

    I suppose that, once the game gets old enough, characters become unplayable due to this as load time finally exceeds server timeout.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flixxer View Post
    not sure if i agree... both load equally slow/fast, my ssd did improve the loading times dramatically!
    I also have LoTRO on an SSD. I just timed several log-in screens.

    Newly created character loaded in 6 seconds.
    Crafting alt (lvl 35) loaded in 13 seconds.
    Crafting alt (lvl 85) loaded in 24 seconds.
    Main loaded in 55 secomds.

    SSD makes a massive difference, but doesn't affect the relationship.
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