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    Moria and after - overlapping zones?


    I'm going through Moria, and just hit 55, which is the level when Lothlorien becomes available. I'm going through all of this for the FIRST TIME. I know by now that I'll end up not playing every zone properly, so I'm trying to choose carefully which ones I play.

    Can people give suggestions for paths through the Moria and post-Moria zones? Which bits do you like and which not? What level do you normally leave a particular zone?

    Guthir, Laurelin

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    I would recommend playing Moria until 58 or 60. Hit Lothlorien for awhile and earn enough leaves and twigs to get the recipes and cosmetics you like.

    After that you can chose between Enedwaith or Mirkwood. I favor Mirkwood, because it unlocks some nice skirms. However both areas are fun and well done.

    Start Dunland around 65 and unlock the rep rewards there. Great River is also great, one of my favorite areas in the game, really. Unfortunately at 75, you really do want to hit Rohan and get your warhorse. Mounted combat has it's critcs, but try it. I think it's great! Especially if your computer can handle it without lag.

    Run a second character through the areas you skip though, and go back through at 85. It's still worth it.

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    Moria is L51-60 when played on level. Lothlorien is 59-60 and focuses not on leveling, but on reputation gain and collecting barter items from repeatables. Mirkwood is 61-65. After Mirkwood start Epic Volume 3 in Rivendell. It will soon lead you to Enedwaith, which is also L61-65 with focus on reputation gain and barter tokens. Dunland is L66-75. After it comes Great River at L70-75, again with slow reputation gain and more barter tokens. Eastemnet is L76-84 and Wildermore is L85.

    I never leave a zone until I've done all non-repeatable solo quests and suggest you do it at least once on your main character. Don't be afraid to overlevel places, this is pretty much inevitable in LOTRO.

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    Thanks for your suggestions! It looks like I'll finish Moria, then aim to do:
    - Lothlorien
    - Mirkwood (I like skirmishes too)
    - Dunland
    - Rohan
    ...or something like that. I definitely plan to start another character at some point, and I'll go through the other areas, but I want to try and reach the cap with this one first.


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    Right behind you! Aaah!
    Good luck upon you, fellow elf-zone loving skirmish fiend! You will enjoy Mirkwood, I think.

    -The Gneech
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