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    Finally capped jewellry - can only find edhelharn token recipes???!?

    So, for the past week or more, I've been feverishly working my way towards becoming a skilled jeweller. I've been canny and a wee bit clever and also managed to make quite a bit of gold as well as collecting lots of riddermark jeweller scrolls. I was hoping to find a feast of recipes. But EVERY single scroll has been for a "riddermark edhelharn token" - every single one. Is this right? I know I can get some recipes from the guild but they all seem to be for rune stones. So I guess the question I'm asking is...

    Where can I find scrolls for lvl 85 jewellry?

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    Other than the guild recipes and the Token recipes from scrolls I think the only way to get Jewelry recipes is from the various factions in Dunland, Great River, & Eastern Rohan. You'll likely need to be Kindred with those factions in order to get the recipes.

    I am going on my (very) faulty memory here so you might want to go check the various faction NPC's to see what they offer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Horseyboy View Post
    I know I can get some recipes from the guild but they all seem to be for rune stones.
    That sounds like the guild legendary trader; the jeweller's guild only makes RK runestones and Champ runes and the crafted relics, so that's all that trader will have.

    The guild improved recipe trader should have two sets of bracelet/ring/necklace/earring recipes, Eomer and Wildermore. As Grhysli mentioned, the non-guild versions of those recipes are all rep faction recipes.

    Additionally, you can find special/epic jewellry (gold crit items) in Jewelled Scroll Cases from Erebor raids and in Ancient Riddermark Scroll Cases II from level 85 mobs.
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    There are a couple of "eastment" tier recipes.

    Eastment scroll recipe: drops in any mob level 75-80 (?)
    Riddermark scroll recipe: drops in any mob level 80-85

    There`s also some "rare" recipe drops that contain the famous "horse lords recipes " , these ones drop from any mob level 85+

    that....and all the other guild related recipes that you can buy in your respective crafting guild .

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    I recall that I was surprised how many same token recipes kept repeating, sold some at auction, the price got so low on the auctions it became easier to vendor them. I think I kept one or two for a "change in the market" down the road, but yes I would say that is par for the course.



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