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    So long and thanks for all the fish

    I thought I'd stop fooling myself and everyone else and be done with this game permanently (unless Helm's Deep is suddenly Moria-awesome which will never happen). I have had wonderful time and fun here but the direction this game is taking does not really agree what I consider entertaining any more. I've been with this server pretty much since it started, more power to you guys who continue to but I'd like this chance to thank everyone (those that still play anyway) who have made those two and a half years extremely memorable.

    First I'd like a shoutout to Justified (I have no idea if this kin still even exists), my first kin and people who showed me the actual MM part of the MMORPG tho to my knowledge all people who I knew from there have left now. Well, except Vanny (Or End as he calls himself these days). (or, well, duh, Form!)

    Secondly I'd like to cheer for Crickits which was the first kin to show me what's a raid. (I did know, all that time!)

    (Between those I'd like to remember Kallia, Boulen, Blinx and Bandaide who were a wonderful group and great friends for a long time!)

    Thirdly I'd like to thank Razor and his wonderful kin Lusitanius and all the members (Scratz, Blen, Edhel, Rczor if he's still around, and others) for showing me what raiding is REALLY like, how to play like a pro and how much more fun and exciting everything is if it's on voice chat.

    Fourthly (? is that a word?) I'd like to cheer for Of The Relic kin which was a good home for me for several months and where I got a lot of great friends (Lagg, Lofarr and Feathil to name a few).

    Fifthly (I give up, this can't be an actual word)... KoC. KoC showed me what a really tight-knit kinship can actually accomplish and how well you can do if you put your kin before everything else in the game. I'd like to thank Freia and Apward for the wonderful time I had there, I'd like to thank my bro champs Raven, Thorfridvif and Spyra for being... well, awesome! I'd also like to thank Ewie for being an absolutely ridiculous honeybadger and also for proving that burgs CAN cheat with loot (he got so many drops it wasn't even funny! ).

    Sixthly (w/evs) the glorious Balrog kin which I helped build up with my own little hands with Oldin and Kam who I didn't mention with KoC because they are much more important in this section. NBA was built in the beginning to not only have wykkid awsum people (well I was there) but to put together a well-working raid team. I'm not gonna write a whole chapter how brilliant Kam was in everything, but Kam was brilliant in EVERYTHING. (Oldin was good at dps, I'll give him that! otherwise... completely subpar) With the help of some other people, like Stout, who I never see any more, Dunebag, who is the kin's new glorious leader, and Xanto who... I we seem to have lost yet again (he's like that lighter you think you always have but half the times when you need it it's disappeared). We found wonderful people like Lothi, Amd, Crossed, Naet, Anonard, Dis and Felod (later followed by more cool people who joined like Rast, Thuv, Zexi, Thorad to name a few). I had a wonderful time with all of you.

    In addition to my own kins I'd also like to shout out for my friends, first in FC who have been wonderful friends of NBA (and me long before NBA even existed), I will miss you all - Blue, Form (well not Form), End, Lofarr, Moose, Jaranoob, Feathil, sweet Sato and Ve. I'd also like to cheer out to Sixth House, especially to Luna, Bram, Flay, Toiben and others, also to Kights, especially Eld.

    A special thanks to Asylum for being good antagonists for a long time, especially Fex and Cas.

    Final thanks goes to all my moors buddies starting from freep crowd from a while back (Thorfinn, Ell, Kethean and his sexy voice, Herja who I both love and hate and many others) to creep crowd who I managed to play quite briefly sadly but still - fellow BAMFers, it was nice, ./salute to Morgul Dollas guys as well, especially Itty and Skmuzy, also to oldtimers like Disc and Clepto, TDH crowd and whoever else I killed or got killed by.

    Aaaaaaaand that's it. I probably forgot about like 50 more people who I like but I have a terrible memory. I really did try to remember!

    See you all in another game maybe.


    Find me on Steam and ESO, same name.

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    Grats, I hope you have fun grinding out RL again :P

    Lotro PVP Videos l Thorfinn || r14 champ, r12 burglar- Crickhollow || r11//r9 warg Crick//Elendilmir || + other stuff

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    Erl, I have missed seeing you around, but respect that you know when to move on.

    Thanks for all of your good cheer, capable shing-shing, and cookies. I with you the best with your next adventures and hope you pop in to Crick to say "hi" sometime. I'll save a seat by the campfire just for you.

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    o7 (salute)
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    Not really a goodbye since we have other means of contact but I'm sad to see you leave LOTRO.

    Hopefully you'll be back here and there to try new stuff.

    Razor // Lusitanius // Crickhollow ~ Portuguese Kinship //

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    I didn't get a shout out D:
    Your misconceptions and fantasies along with your misguided sense of entitlement don't dictate my actions.

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    Bye Erl!

    Nice thread title.

    endgame was pretty lame, i'll pop back in for helm's deep... at least a little. If it's amazing i'll let you know. But I think at this point we're all expecting disappointment... And i have no desire to do another 10 level grind.
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    Goodbye Erlessa!

    We had such good times with you too. You will be missed.

    Freia - Level 85 Elf Minstrel, Crickhollow
    Loge - Level 85 Elf Loremaster, Crickhollow
    Brunhilde - Level 85 Hobbit Burglar, Crickhollow
    Nimrodiel - Weaver, Crickhollow

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    Jan 2011
    I used to just love you... but now I'll have to hate you as well (feeling of abandonment right there)

    Get a f2p reaver going and come visit. I'm creepin' now. =)

    Hugs and kisses,
    [B]Hergon[/B] (r11 warden - BW - former Fearghus from Crickhollow)
    [B]Nietotchka[/B] (r10 captain - BW - former Herja from Crickhollow)

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    Can't say I blame you at this point in the game BUT I do hope to see you return. Whatever is going on in RL, make the most of it. You're young, get your education now and enjoy life later

    To the OG-KoC-Draigoch-killer I say farewell for now, may you dream of ponies for many nights to come...
    I do not read threads once I post in them because I could care less what your reply is...

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    Erlessa is old school. You'll be missed. Goodbye and good luck.



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