Shadowbane is a medium sized Landroval based kinship that has been active since just after the launch of the game in 2007. We have members of all levels and interests, but primarily what you will find is a mature and friendly environment with members that are willing to help one another.

We have members from all time zones so expect to see players on around the clock!

We have have scheduled grouping days for doing small and large fellowships and raids, but we are not a hard core raid kinship. We have a lot of non-quest related activities including (lite-med) RP events for interested members as well as non-RP gatherings and events.

While there is never any pressure to participate in events, our scheduled non grouping activities include kinship fairs (trading armour, weapons, clothing, food, potions and other items), scheduled days of the month to help each other get any deeds and traits done (usually time consuming but quicker with friends along), playing in the kinship band, or participating in LoTRO server events.

We have an active website and bimonthly newsletter so even if you log on at non-prime times, you can still know what is going on, post and get responses from other players to your requests for help.

The kinship keeps a fully stocked vault available for player with a good assortment of crafting mats, weapons, armor, and cosmetic gear.

Our motto is 'Victory through Solidarity' - we can accomplish anything with our friends at our side, and this carries through to all aspects of gaming!

What we can offer you:

Kinship Hall, which serves as a gathering place and a neighborhood where other members like to locate their houses. A benefit of the Kin Hall is a nearby vendor area where you can repair your armor & weapons for around 20% less than towns & camps.

Full kinship amenities: Kinship auctions; private chat channel for members and officers; private raid channel we share with other non-raid kinships for putting together groups, raids, skraids etc.

Fully Stocked Vault: Our Vault is loaded with armor, weapons, crafting materials, rare crit items, cosmetics, and class quest items that usually can only be obtained by doing fellowship quests but are available for members to take, at no charge.

Members at all levels and classes; Master crafters in all professions to help you out with armor, jewelry, weapons, potions, etc.

Assistance with questing and crafting, lore, raiding etc.

Vent Server for the use of members, regularly used for groups, raids and kinship events. Not mandatory.

A fully functional (and very active) website which members use to communicate with one another and post help requests.

The website also has guides for class & crafting information, questing guides, a very helpful dynamic interactive map separate from the game that helps pinpoint quest mobs and items to their exact coordinates, lorebook/lotro wiki pages, and a link to your personal web page on mylotro.

Your MyLotro webpage allows you to see your character's quest progress, each character's build, including armor and weaponry they have equipped, and track your character's progress.

Our website also allows each player to create their own personal blog.

Who we are looking for:

We are always on the lookout to recruit active players of all classes and levels. Alts are welcome if main character is a member. We also have some officer positions open for active members interested in leadership.

If you have any questions, you can post them here, or visit us at

If you prefer, you can contact an officer in game. We look forward to seeing you online and welcoming you!

Safe Travels Friend!

Shadowbane Membership