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    The Worst Winter in Memory - cannot complete

    I have a character that cannot turn in "the worst winter in memory" quest. The npc Thrymm Red-Beard has vanished into thin cold air. I have relogged... rebooted and even waited a few days.. even canceled and then had to ask a gm to bestow the quest again because he wasn't there to give it back! No, I've not done any fellowship quests or any quests where he is killed. I even purchased Mithril coins to take me exactly to where he should be. That was a waste because he still wasn't there!! GM's could not or would not update/complete the quest. Now other quests will be locked.

    quests completed in wildermore:

    epic quests up to chapter 10..
    wildermore intro quest..
    Ride for Harding
    The Deadly Freeze
    Howls on Cold Winds -- Landscape
    An Unwarm Welcome -- Landscape
    The Coming Storm
    Aiding the Thane and His Daughter
    The Noble Guard
    Clampjaws wrath
    face the cold
    warband foulwing
    warband balcharan
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    I did "the worst winter in memory" on another character with no problem but I turned it in before doing " the coming storm". thrymm red-beard phases out after "the coming storm" quest, I assume to prepare for battle because the quest after "the coming storm" they wonder where thrymm red-beard is but then he does appear in "the defense of scylfig". "the coming storm" is also the last quest that thrymm red-beard bestows. to all those who read this, make sure to turn in "the worst winter in memory" before turning in "the coming storm" or you luck out until turbine has a fix.. which I hope is soon.
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    Unfortunately, I have read this too late and the same thing has happened to me as the OP. GM support said they could not help and told me to send a Bug report. I hope this can be resolved soon as I find it very frustrating. I am also concerned that it will prevent me being able to gain reputation with the second Wildermore Faction.



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