The Red Company seeks both new and experienced players to join our ranks and build a legacy that will be remembered in story and song. Have you ever wanted to gather with like minded folk and shape the ethos and future of a kinship whilst supported by Grandmaster craftsmen and a developed RP storyline ? This is your opportunity.

The Red Company is affiliated to the ranger kins of the North, and is tasked with protecting Eriador and it's populace. We bring fire and war to the Angmarim and their fell handed allies. We keep watch upon the foes of the Free Peoples and seek to thwart their plans at every turn. Whilst we have our kinhouse near Bree, our members travel throughout the lands of Middle Earth, from Forochel in the North, to Rohan in the South, and we take little rest during these troubled days.

Established a number of months ago we are re-organising under new leadership with purpose and vigour, but we are still a small kin. We require warriors from across the Free peoples, of every skill level, to join us in our travels and battles throughout this middle earth.

The Red Company believes that only by helping each other, do we save ourselves. Thus all members receive help in their quests if they should need it, and support from Grandmaster craftsmen. We believe that crafting resources are far better used when put into the hands of kin that will use them rather than sold to a vendor for a pittance and we have become very effective at highlighting each player's crafting and resource needs.

We are very welcoming of new players, all that we ask is that you have a love of Tolkien's world, enjoy Roleplay ( take part in our story events if you wish ), and are prepared to assist your kinsmen as they will assist you. If you are able, and of a mind to do so, we want you to serve as an officer as the kin grows. Join us in Bree, on Laurelin.

Look for our Kinpage and journals on Laurelin Archives: