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    Having Trouble with Epic Quest

    At some point I lost the quest chain for Vol 1 book 3: The Council of the North and now (at lvl 50) I'm trying to complete it so I can complete the Deed. I happened upon a quest giver and just finished book 3 chapter 4: The dwarves shall come. I looked it up online and the next quest giver is Gildor for Chapter 5, Part I: A Call to Elves , but it won't let me inside the building he is in because it says I don't have permission, but Halbarad has no quest to give either. Any suggestions?

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    Will it let you cancel it so you can go back to Halbarad and get it again?

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    Are you at the right building for Gildor? He is in the elf village down south. Or perhaps you have already completed that third, way back and then forgotten it? If so the missing third will be the men, up at Trestlebridge, since you sound like you have the dwarves.

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    Although it's totally non-intuitive, Chapters 4, 5, and 6 can all be taken at once, and completed out of order.
    So check the "completed" check box in your quest log and see which pieces you have done.

    I'd agree with wachkussen and guess you've already finished Chapter 5 (the one out of Meluinen), as it's
    the closest and easiest one to do. So that would leave the one out of Trestlebridge. But check your quest log.

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    Thanks for all the responses :] I checked the completed quests and I already did the Gildor quests. I'm actually up to Chapter 6 part 3.



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