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    Confused tailor help

    I have an alt that is a lvl 35 tailor, he has he explorer apprentiship, so forester, tailor, prospector.
    I've got him up to artisan but haven't played him in a while, recently I thought about getting him maxed as my main healer is at level79 really needs some good armour and without spending forever collecting marks to get armour off a reward vendor there is nothing on the AH. so all I have is random drops now.

    Trouble is when I went to start levelling the tailor and reading the guides it talks about boiling leather, I have a forester but no option for boiling leather, and I can'd find anywhere that mentions how to get this?
    secondly and more worrying if I got the esteldin in the tailors guild there is no quest to join, as I've done it but I see no reputation bar for the guild in my character!! so am now really confused , have searched for hours for any missing quests but found nothing.
    I'm going to start farming hides with my main and see if I can level my tailor anyway but I get the feeling I'm missing something here as I can't get any guild recipes.

    Any advice where to look or check

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    There is someone in the craft hall called (I think) Master of Apprentices. He should be able to give the option to join the tailor's guild. I've leveled a tailor up to starting on Eastenmet and I've never heard of boiling leather, so I can't help there.
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    You create Leathers by Tanning the Hides, 2x hides per 1x Leather

    In most Craft Halls there should be 2x NPC's named Master Craftsman and Master of Apprentices

    1 of these is the Craft Guild NPC

    He asks you which guild you wish to join, depending on which Crafts you have
    For Explorer you will only have the 1 option .. Tailor .. as your others are collecting

    You will then be directed to speak to the Tailor Guild NPC in Esteldin
    She will then give you a small Intro Quest ... Speak to certain other Guild NPC's to learn about what they do
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    Once you join a guild you are in that guild all over middle earth. Sometimes however, you do get quests in order to proceed to the next level. Usually the crafting skill will tell you. Second, there is no 'boiling' (might be something old) so don't worry about it. In Esteldin they moved the crafting guilds into the crafting hall so look there for the tailor guild. You will, of course, not be able to do anything for upper levels until you have 'mastered' all the lesser levels. Also, there are some recipes that require a rep with a particular region to make it (the wyrmscale cloak for instanced in Galtrev requires a Dunland rep which if you keep your tailor at lower level, you will never be able to make). However, there are always helpful people around to assist you either for free if have the materials or for a small fee if they have to supply the 'mats'. My tailor is completely trained to Eastemnet but is only l58 (supplying 5 l85s toons) so the above is pretty accurate as far as I know.

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    As for "boiling" leather - you don't. The forester turns two *hides* of each available kind into one *leather* which can then be used by the tailor. I assume that you neglected the crafting and have to go through tons of material first to get your forester (and tailor) up to Eastemnet level. Also hold in mind that the receipes may (if you want them all) cost a few buckets of gold and silver ...

    To create guild-crafted items, you have to join the Tailor Guild first. Reputation for the guild is then received by finishing special recipes, available through the in-guild NPC titled TAILOR'S GUILD PATTERN RECIPES (e.g. Jamarr in Esteldin). Which means you join the guild first (e.g. "Master of Crafting Guilds" in the crafting hall of Bree), then travel to Esteldin and enter the Tailor Guild Hall. Find Jamarr there and purchase the patterns. Craft the patterns and turn them in for reputation (cooldowns: one day (small), two days (medium), six days (large)) ... the other guild recipe dealers there will eventually allow access to improved or legendary receipes, which are gated per guild reputation.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks for the replies, yep found the guild trainer! sorry it's been a while since I did this with my minstrel.

    What fantastic support!!



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