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    Quote Originally Posted by Drachyn View Post
    We actually have several copies of the Orthanc area already For instance, the lovely green version from the epic books.
    Oh, let me count!

    1. Regular Orthanc present in Nan Curunir
    2. Orthanc from Ring of Isengard where you roam during captivity (it's actually somewhere on landscape, because quest tracker still points to quests in other areas)
    3. Unspoiled Isengard and Orthanc from the Session Play as Grima
    4. Orthanc from Instance where you arrive to Isengard
    5. Orthanc from Instance where you escape from Isengard
    6. Orthanc from Instance in Nan Curunir where Saruman talks to a Rohirrim Emissary
    7. Orthanc from Instance Prince of Rohan, Afternoon
    8. Orthanc from Instance Prince of Rohan, Sunset
    9. Orthanc visible from Instance Fangorn's Edge
    10. Orthanc from Instance Dargnakh Unleashed
    11. Orthanc from the Tower of Orthanc raid
    12. Orthanc visible from the Storm on Methedras skirmish

    Did I miss any? Or maybe some of those actually utilize the same copy of the tower?

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    Burglar and LM Orthanc ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mar-Evayave View Post
    Besides, unless I TOTALLY misunderstood the Final Stand... Nurzum was frozen in place. If Wildermore went back to normal he would thaw out and start all over. Never-ending cycle of thaw > ice > thaw > ice with a liberal dosing of mega-monster destruction. Talk about instability for the people of Wildermore. At least if it stays cold with Nurzum frozen they can adapt and continue living their lives as best they can.
    Then when he comes back, the soldiers of Wildermore just blow a horn, and he goes bye-bye.
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