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    Why is your main your main?

    Hey there,

    A philosophical question :-) :

    I am relatively new to LOTRO and MMORPG in general, but learned that many (most?) players have several characters of which one is their „main“ char. I am running several chars, too: 6 per today, each with a different class. My first char was a hobbit hunter, which is now lvl 40, while the others range from lvl 14 to 24, depending on when I started them. I became fond of them all and up to now divide playing time, gear etc. approximatly equal among them. Each class and each char has it’s good sides but also things about it I do not like that much. Up to now there is none I would call my main. But levelling those 6 chars quasi simultaniously I also feel that switching between classes so often gets more and more of a challenge, as there are more and more skills and things about the class one has to learn and remember. Sooner or later I will choose one (or two) of them to spend more time on, getting into the details and learning the finesses of their class while the others will have to stand back. Don‘ t know yet which one it will be…

    Now I am curious: what is special about YOUR main that makes it your main? Does it all come down to the class you like playing best? Is it the one you started with? The one which is easiest – or hardest - to level? The one with the „undying“ titel? Do you have more than one main? Is it always (or at least for a long period) the same char, or does your favour alternate? And what about your alts? How often do you play them and why do you have them and keep them?

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    My main, Turodhor, is my second highest in level, though he's the second youngest in amount of time I've had him. I really like the Captain class, and I have a good backstory for him. Some friends and I also intend to set up a kinship so I'm trying to catch up to them in levels.

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    I have a runekeeper, warden, burglar, champion, captain, loremaster all well geared with erebor t2 set, hytbold set or moors set. All have both rings and necklace legendary, some of them have legendary class itens for lucky drops like cloak of warden, earring of loremaster, shoulder of burglar and captain, pokets... Other itens are blues one i dont have any purple stuff.
    All with 1age level 85 weapons and some have class itens too. Som have 2 1age weapons like rk for heal or dps and warden for tank or dps.

    And i have on creepside all of them at audacity 13 and skills. ranks are 6 to 9.

    as you can see, i play with all of them and i dont have this main thing. I just play with my kinmates need or what i want to play.
    Sometimes kinmates need a tank and i go with warden, sometimes need cc and i go with lm, on pvp i like to play as burglar or rk (rank 10 and 9).

    My first char was Kafta, my runekeeper and second war Hennoch warden. So its the chars i took more than 1 year to get level cap 65 (hard old times with no double xp bonus for poket store stuff, scrolls, and turbine weekend bonus). And i did almost all side quests and all books. The other i got level using scrolls and farming npcs at bonus weekend or faming at hobitown with craft xp and delivering tasks, my captain and loremaster i got level 0 to 85 in 50 played hours each one. 5 days on RL (work vacation).
    Of course i play better with my rk and warden but i learned how to play with all of them, including captain and lm.

    Thats why if you ask me what is my main and i really need to choose one i will say "RK or Warden".
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    Everyone has their reasons =)

    Have all freep classes myself, try to keep them all leveled properly but every now and then a need a specific class in the kin appears and hey presto, that is the main for the time being =P

    To serve and protect for some I suppose

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    I always liked the "Melee warrior" class in all the adventure games i have played. No magic for me, thanks ...good old sword and heavy armor.
    When i first started playing Lotro, the Champion was definitly my first option ...and i love it so far. Excelent and fun DPS, easy to level, good survivality, usefull in almost every instance/raid of the game, and excelent in pvp too .
    I took my time leveling my champ tough, because i was noob back then and i liked very much exploring middle earth and doing all the content in all maps.

    I have some alts too: a hobbit hunter(85), a ef warden (85),elf Rune keeper (80) . I leveled pretty fast (comparing to my champ) because i already knew what to do, and where to go for leveling up quickly.
    But none of them give me the same satisfaction. Especialy in the higher levels, when you have to grind your life for golden items, its a real pain when you have multiple alts on your account.

    My advice: Choose the type of class that brings you more fun. DPS-TANK-SUPPORT-HEALER ...and play it slowly, enjoy all the content that you can, especialy if this is the first time that you play a character.
    When you have multiple alts, you cant avoid to "rush" the things up in order to reach the higher level ... (at least thats what happens to me when i was leveling my alts ).

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaLoba View Post
    Now I am curious: what is special about YOUR main that makes it your main?

    There are different points of view of course, and different playstyles. When I joined LOTRO (my first MMO) I noticed that it was easier for people around me to refer to one toon as my main. One name which they can use to address me. One toon which I log regularly, so that if the ingame contact is needed - my friends can send a mail to that char. To make the life of my friends easier, I am trying to call my toons in similar manner... They call me "Ish", and 5 out of my 7 lvl85s have names starting with 'Ish'.

    I do change my 'main' sometimes depending on the raiding situation in the kin.

    Quote Originally Posted by LaLoba View Post
    Does it all come down to the class you like playing best? Is it the one you started with? The one which is easiest – or hardest - to level? The one with the „undying“ titel? Do you have more than one main? Is it always (or at least for a long period) the same char, or does your favour alternate? And what about your alts? How often do you play them and why do you have them and keep them?
    I think that I play several classes equally good, and I like them equally. Leveling was easy and enjoyable with all of them. As a completionist, I wanted to complete all deeds/quests and collect as many titles and horses as possible on my 'main'. My first toon - hunter - was doing really well until there were too many hunters in the kin and too few healers. So a healing RK became my main. I repeated the route with all quests/deeds/horses to at least reach the level of - and exceed! - my hunter. The 'main' must be better than the 'alt', right? Then overpopulation of RKs forced me to change my main to a Captain. Great, the major deeds were repeated again, the Moria Meta-deed goat was obtained, and so on... I don't enjoy the captain's role in fellowships now, so one can barely see me playing my 'main'. I want to play LM instead. Or a Hunter. And a minstrel from time to time or a guardian when needed. At the moment I am still saying that a Captain is my main. I don't know what I will say in a few months.

    Summary: it is very convenient to define your 'main' toon, but it is not always necessary.
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    My main is a hunter. He is my main because I really enjoy playing the hunter class. He is also the first character I leveled to cap. Hunters have good range, great dps, great travel skills, and some CC ability.

    My first character was a champion. I got him to around level 30 and quit playing LOTRO for a few months. I came back and started the hunter and haven't left since. I'm not sure what it was, but I grew really bored of the champ. Now I have an 85 guard and am also leveling a few other classes. I still consider my hunter my main, but I've been playing my guard more than my hunter lately. That is mostly because almost everyone in my kin has a hunter, but we are really lacking in tanks. Tanks are the only thing we are ever short on. It is the only reason I even leveled a guard to cap quickly. While I have grown to really enjoy my guard, the hunter is still my favorite to play. It is taking me a long time to level other classes. So picking a main was easy for me.

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    My main is my main because he is the first character i played beyond level 20. I tried some other characters first, so he is not the first i ever created. Atm he is lvl 85 and bored beyond belief, since the late Rohan content is a pure joke. I'm levelling my champion now. We'll see what Helm's Deep will change.
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    My main had to seriously grow on me. Human warden. Back when I created him, and all through his levelling, wardens as a class were awful. I quit playing him so many times out of frustration.

    But, the Warden class has always been the class I most respect in this game. It takes some real skill to play them -well-, i've always thought. So I looked at it as a challenge. And when the Isengard update came along, and they essentially 'fixed' the class, it was allllll worth it. I loved him ever since.

    But he's not my main just because of the class. It's also his -character-. I had to think long and hard to give him a suitable bio.
    I just love the personality and class combination I created with him. Everytime i play him, I turn on Mulan "make a man out of you" just to set the mood, haha!

    Also, he's my favorite character for mounted combat. It -also- suits his character so well. I got lucky with having the warden in Mounted Combat, because I believe it's the -only- class capable of soloing every single warband. Without a single dismount. It's time consuming but quite entertaining.

    Lastly, well. It just so happens I have a thing for spears in real life.

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    i tried several classes and the best lvl-ing speed for deeds gave the hunter (at leist from the f2p classes,) a year and a half ago, when i came back this was why i started my hunter, i kept with it since i love doing instances, so i powerlvled it to cap, now i am lvl-ing a rk and a mini slowly, but steadily, there might even be a chance for me that i will like my rk better when i reach lvl cap
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    I more or less have 2 mains out of 8 charies... Lelirnel, who is my official main is my 83-84 champion, and Aerodeth, my secondary, who's my rk in the 50's (but I play her as much if not more)

    I think for Lelirnel mainly it was because she was the first character I played. However for both of them I really enjoy the way the class is played, they're both highly versatile and you have a wide range of possibilities from dps to tank/heal... also both are pretty survivable and have some nice AoE's (especially the champ). I also love rk skill names and animations (especially the lightning skills).

    Both are elves... I seen to like elves for some reason (probably more cosmetic than stat wise). Also crafting professions had an impact... my champ is an armsman (which helps when I collect weapons :P), and my rk is an explorer (which is the best for acquiring mats, and frankly the easiest).

    I think mostly it's the feel of the class, though as mentioned above there are other factors too... but I've often thought they are a bit similar... in that attunement acts similar to fervour (not the stance :P) but it just two sided :P

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    When I first came to lotro (just a little over 2 months and I'll have played for a year!!!) I tried out all the classes. I ended up sticking with the Warden and the complexity and flexibility of the class kept me playing it non stop.

    Other than that, my main is the one that I'm associated with, I've made a lot of friends through that character both in character and out of character and it will forever be who "I am" in LotRO.
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    I started playing back when this game was new because I´m a lotr fan, my main character is the first character I ever created in this game and this is the only mmo I have ever played. Back in the SoA days it was hard work to level up and I didn´t bother with alts until my guardian was well geared at lvl 50.

    I chose the guardian class because I liked the class description and it seemed most appealing to me, being a total noob at the time I didn´t really understand my role until I was well over level 30 and up to then I never understood what that tank was
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    My main is my main because it is the first character I started out with.

    Now I could invent several reasons why my (hunter) main was a good choice, but I am quite sure that any other initial class choice would have resulted in ending up my main.

    The reason is simple:

    - I dont have too much time to play, so levelling 3-10 toons in parallel would take just too long
    - I like to concentrate on one toon at a time, so I probably would not even play 2-3 toons in parallel, if I had the time

    Of course - in hindsight - there are a few reasons why a hunter makes a good "main" (e.g. first) character:
    - they are relatively straight forward to play (pew pew from a distance, limit parallel pulls)
    - they have the best travel options of all classes (which is good for your first toon, but quite irrelevant for subsequent toons)

    But other classes are interesting and fun to play, too. So I am quite certain, that a time will come, when I start playing another class seriously. Because I like to concentrate on one toon at a time, that will become my new main.

    So I guess, the final answer depends on your playstyle. If you like to play several toons in parallel, you wont really have a main. If you are like me, and rather like to concentrate on one toon at a time, that will be your main.

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    My main is my Hobbit burg....
    The first reason for him being my main is: the burglar is totally my favorite class for a lot of reasons:
    They are versatile in many ways.
    I mean whats more fun than pretending that you are being chased by 20 angmarims cuz you just assassinated their chief and then screaming AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH all over the chat server:P ( I have never actually done this but I am planning too;P)
    I like all the advanced classes the most because they have a lot of hidden abilities and complicated tactics.
    Reason 2: he is the highest level character I have so its really fun to explore the 'new' content with him as apposed to a lower character.

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    Mine is simple. I decided to try a hobbit guardian in beta and fell in love with that particular race/class combo.
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    My main (Champion) is my favorite class, was my 2nd to hit level cap (15), and is the first one I bring through new content. It's the only one I feel the need to complete everything on. After that, it's whatever is needed at the moment for the content, and whatever I feel like getting done on them.
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    My main is a Hobbit Minstrel. I really enjoy the fact that I can stand back and watch health bars to do my part in a group. If I had to do new content with people I don't know and was responsible for making the pulls, directing the raid, being target assist, or anything else where people can see if I'm failing miserably or not, it would give me a panic attack. I feel very comfortable doing pretty much any content with any group on my Minstrel.

    I'm not sure why I like Hobbits so much. After I got my Minstrel to cap (50 at the time) I rolled a Hobbit Guardian, which I started leveling. Then an Elf Hunter and a Man Burglar. The Hunter and Burglar just sat there, and I never really understood why. Once I deleted them and rerolled as Hobbits though, they shot up in levels as well.

    So a Minstrel is my "main". I have all the classes (except Warden), but some classes seem to just "flow" better for me. They feel like an extension of my arm, or what have you. So while I do have all classes 50+, I would consider Guardian, Burglar, and Lore-master as my "2nd, 3rd, and 4th mains". Even after 5 years of playing this game, I'm still a bit apprehensive about taking my Guardian into new content because I don't want to do something wrong, but I love tanking content I'm familiar with.
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    My main is my guardian because I've always protected my freinds in real life or mmos tanking just goes good with my personality
    I have a lvl 33 man guardian and a lvl 14 elf minstrel but the only other class I'd so is warden because I'd rather be quicker than a heavy guardian.

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    This is just a general idea, I'm not trying to be stereotypical of anyone or anything, but most people consider their main the one they're trying to get higher level, or that one 1st ager they can't get. For me, my mains are the ones I have on anonymous or something like that. I'm on 3 different servers so I'm not always surrounded with the same people rather than joining and leaving kinships, because I have a friend in almost every major kinship on one server! On other servers its more like, Why should I join your kinship? What benefits does it have? I've learned what to look for on each character. My champ needs people who come on once in a while around his level. My mini needs people around his level often. My hunter doesn't really need a kinship just because of the DPS abilities it has. All my Reaver's need people to group with, because they are so easy to kill >.< My LM doesn't need people but it's nice to group once in a while. My low level guardian needs no one, just people to talk to. On each server, my Main's go as is: Arkenstone, My LM. Windfola, My Hunter. Silverlode, My Mini.

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    My main is my main because he was the only character I've leveled to cap, mostly because it isn't as fun to re-do quests as it is to do them for the first time. Also, I've taken the time to get many traits and titles on him, and level his crafting up to the current max. I don't want to spend the time to roll another character and work on things I've already completed, especially since I can't get on as much as I used to.

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    My Lore Master is my main. He wasn't the first character I rolled, nor was he the first one max level. The LM class was the last class I rolled in my 'quest' to find my main. I really enjoy the diversity of the class. Just as a Captain or a Burglar, Lore Masters are oftend called "Jack of all trades". The danger of that status is that you'll become: "Jack of all trades, expert of none" if you do not pay attention to the depth of the class. After about 1,5 year of playing with the LM, I do not want a different class.

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    My main is a Hunter because of the ports.

    That's seriously it.
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    My hunter - first toon I rolled in any MMO, who's grown with me for 3 years and is still the class I know best and the one I do T2 raids on first.
    The only others allowed into hard stuff are my Hands of Healing cappy (my main Ettens character) and my sturdyish ardour chump.

    I rolled some other guys to help the kin out - guard, warden, burg and minstrel. Of these I much prefer the minnie and burg, but healing is stressful especially with a sometimes laggy connection and, while I can do it - certainly T1 raids and T2 instances - I don't particularly enjoy it. And burgs got the shaft in this update... when they fix the class balance issues, little Rumbi will come out to play again like he did at level 75.
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    My main is my Hunter, he was the first toon I rolled, and so I based most of what I did on other toons off of him.


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