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    Draughts, salves and potions?

    Here is a question no one seems to have a sufficient answer for, so far...

    What do the creepside red, purple, yellow and green potions do?
    (Not sure of the correct names, I'm on my cell phone at work and don't feel like taking the time to look them up or even type in the full names)

    The only answers I ever get is..
    The are helpful against freeps
    To use them
    Buy them, you'll need them

    I've read the descriptions, but they are not specific.
    I know the purple ones remove LM fire dots, is that all?
    I know the red ones remove burglar tricks, is that all?
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    They perform the same functions creep-side as they do freep-side.

    Red - Wound Removal
    Purple - Fear Removal
    Yellow - Disease Removal
    Green - Poison Removal (I might have yellow and green switched, I can never keep them straight.)

    Essentially, keep an eye on your buff bar. The debuffs are now outlined by the color of the pot/salve that can remove it, though also be aware that some debuffs are unpottable. I know there is a list out there that shows the debuffs and which ones can actually be cured, which are worth curing, etc., but I don't recall off the top of my head where I came across it. I'll update or add another post if I find it.

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    Thanks, but I will have to disagree with that.

    Freeps don't need to remove LM fire dots, which is what the purple potion does for creeps, LM fire dots are not "fear".
    Freeps don't have to remove Burglar tricks, which is what the red potion does, Burglar tricks are not "wounds".

    and which class of freeps give disease and poisons? None...

    Any better answer out there?
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    Purple:removes tactical effects such as LM dots,RK -inc healing,lm debuffs
    Red:removes hunter (pottable slows),dust(miss chance)from burg,various bleeds
    Green:cry effects such as the mini pottable slow,and the light warden dots.
    Yellow:dont think i ve ever seen any yellow debuff from freeps.

    Those pots work the same in pve as freep pots(aka wound,disease,poison,fear removal)
    Always keep a stack of purple and red,since the cd is fairly long,use them wisely.

    P.S. In order to pot the fear cc effect u are going to need the dof pots(from a barter near grams entrance,300 comms for 5 iirc)

    Edit:reading ur 1st post again,we cant really write down all skills and which get potted by what potion.carry them with u and be rdy to use them,you ll soon have ur own experience about what works best
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadeslayer_withywindle View Post
    we cant really write down all skills and which get potted by what potion.
    I miss nox >.<

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    The pots I was referencing (available for coin, not comms) also work for NPCs' effects, not just freeps'. They remove the wound/fear/etc received from bears/norbogs/etc, as well as the freep effects, hence "wound removal". In any case, my second point still stands. The debuffs are outlined to match the color of the pot that could remove it, though I think the outline that "matches" the purple pots looks a bit too pink.

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    +rep to Nox for making it, and you for remembering it. ^_^
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    Much better answer, thanks



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