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    Exclamation My character's have been deleted, please help!

    Eh up!

    Started playing about 3 months ago.. absolutely love the game & the fact its free. Graphics are mint, and obviously been a big fan of the films I've naturally taken to the game... Having said that I am a slight technophobe, don't have an xbox, Ps2, PS3 ... I just like to play this game now and again. So here's the problem....

    I went to log into my character, as I usually do... Id previously been online 2 days before. There was a problem this time when I tried to log in. It asked me to download something (I cant remember, but it was a long file with I think (x86) within the name... I will try to find out what it was)

    I deny doing it a few times, it wouldn't let me play the game - it kept asking me to download so I did.

    It then updated, around 30 minutes (The PC's pretty new and I can play on ultra-high graphics) and it worked I could play.

    I loaded it up to the character selection page and to find that my character had gone, asking me to create a new account - couldn't believe it!!!

    Ive also bought £14.99 worth of Turbine Points which I spent entirely on my character, including buying Evendim (An excellent map) Ive spent a few hours playing on my account. Maybe not as many as most, or don't have VIP, but still I like it as much as anyone.

    If anyone can help me out would be greatly appreciated, nice one!

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    Did you log in to the correct server?
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    Sounds like this was your first login since the latest update. The launcher has been updated and it is quite possible that it defaulted to a different server to the one you previously logged in to.

    Try logging in again and checking carefully that you are connecting to the correct server.

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    Welcome to Withywindle and enjoy your stay!




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