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    The Oakenshield on Withywindle


    Are you an intense speed leveller interested in numbers and rapid achievement, or a calculating warrior interested in increasing the percentages of a tactical damage crit hit or maybe a smooth player who enjoys getting into an instance, killing the mobs and getting out with no fuss....if you are any of the above then we might not be the ideal group for you =).

    We are a small, rank 6 kin on the Withywindle server.

    Some of us get lost (regularly) in instances, some of us like to stand and look at the view, some of us have no idea what GLFF 3/6 GB means and some of us look completely ridiculous in our outfits. What we do know, however, is that playing the game with a small group of friendly predominantly (though not solely) adult players can be a lot of fun.

    If you have ever felt like standing in Bree shouting ‘It’s only a game’, if you can’t remember the last time you played with tears of laughter running down your face or if you just want someone to ask those nooby, embarrassing questions to (e.g. Does anyone know how to use the emotes?)....then maybe we are the kin for you.

    The Oakenshield are a small friendly group looking for one or two new people to join and simply enjoy playing the game with us.
    Send in-game tell or post to: Isnogale, Royben, Vanya or Cellolost.
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    Regarding the goals I set myself in Lotro,
    you are definitely NOT the kinship for me.
    But regarding the type of people: IT'S PERFECT!
    Too bad it's such a long way from Evernight...
    (tbh, you actually sound like MY kin, casual, friendly
    and lots of laughter we even have a warden that
    keeps dying on swarm-type onlevel enemies XD)

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    Hi EvAmy =)

    Thanks for your comments. We felt it was important to be honest about our kin and not present ourselves as something we are not. We do have a couple of high level players, and we also have people who take their game strategy seriously but most of us are, as you say, playing casually and learning as we go. We support our serious players as best we can but I think its the company that keeps them with us rather than the expert help hehe.

    LOL @your warden. Royben is a warden and I'm sure he wont mind me saying that it took him a while to find his feet and get to a level where his taunts etc came into their own. He is now an awesome tank, its just a shame about all that flamboyant posturing he has to do....(though between you and me I think he quite likes it LOL).

    It is a shame that we are so far away from you as I am sure that our respective kins could have a lot of fun making friends with each other.

    Isno =)

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    Just a quick update to our original post:

    We are now a level 7 kinship and last Friday we became the proud owners of our very own kinhouse. This fact was celebrated last night with a party that included music, dancing, fireworks a quiz (congrats on your prize Q) and a lot of social chat brought to an abrupt end for those that drank out of Roys ominous keg of ale!

    We are still happy to welcome new adventurers into our family so give one of the officers a shout if you want more information =).

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    A further update to original post:

    We now have our own website: http://theoakenshield.corplaunch.com

    Everyone is welcome to call in and have a look around but please be kind as this is a very new site and we are just getting the hang of how it works =)

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    The oakenshield are still looking for new friends to join us. Please feel free to contact us ingame and ask any questions or to find out more =).

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    Just a quick update to our original post.

    We have all developed and levelled our characters since our original post and I would like to amend a little of what we originally said.

    We are still a casual and fun loving kin, but we have been bitten by the fellowship bug. We have a core team of higher end players who are enjoying learning about raiding and running instances and we also have a larger group of players who enjoy random and very disorganised skirms (could drive you intensly focused players round the bend hehe).

    I have to admit that we still dont take this all to seriously, but if you are looking for a place to kick back and learn about fellowshipping in all its forms with a pretty nice bunch of people then give me a shout =).


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    Rank 8!!

    Just a quick note to belatedly congratulate the kin on achieving rank 8 =).
    The kin continues to go from strength to strength and it remains a great pleasure to know such genuine and nice people (including our resident deity).

    We continue to welcome new members to our group. We are now a much more balanced group with a focus ranging from end game content to the develoment of low level alts and supporting new lower level players.

    We continue with our casual ethos, our only rule is 'be nice'

    So if you are looking to try out a kinship for the first time or you feel that you would like to know more about us then send me, or one of our officers a tell ingame.

    Isnogale =)

    (officers: vanya, celollost, belca, royben, tubitu, stonlena)

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    I would like to let prospective kin recruits know that we continue to warmly welcome all classes/levels to our kin on Withywindle. Just send a tell to any of the kins officers for more information.

    We have a number of kin adverts for you to choose from, all suggested by our lovely kinnies:

    'You have accepted a new quest: Gain membership status with the Oakenshield....upon completion a new title 'kinsman/kinswoman'.


    'Thorin requires you to join The oakenshield. Unleash your inner dwarf, whatever your race'.


    'You! Yes you, yes Im talking to you dude! Join the Oakenshield kin now or suffa'
    (I would like to point out that this advert had nothing to do with me and that I, like most of you, am appalled at the spelling and inherent threat it contains).

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    I would like to congratulate a number of our kinnies on achieving the dizzying heights of level 95 and remind them that some of us remain lost in the tunnels of moria, with even a few still loitering around the eaves of the old forest.....send help quickly, preferably in the form of a search party for Mes =).

    If you would like to know more about a kin that supports both ends of the game and everything inbetween, then give one of the officers a nudge ingame.
    (Isnogale, Vanya, Cellolost, Tubitu, Belca, Stonlena)




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