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    How a Captain can solo in the Moors...

    I try to solo in the moors, can you give me some tips plz ?

    Can I use my herald with 5R ?
    Which LI on my 2H weapon ?
    I have to max Might, or Vita, or both ?

    I nned any advice


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    From a creeps perspective, captains rarely solo. They seem a bit like WL's where you CAN solo but you're most effective in groups.
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    From personal experience, going glass cannon in the 'Moors is a really **BAD** idea.
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    accidental double post, i apologise

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    It's not often one can solo on the Captain, the warg-packs and zerg-groups make it kinda boring (weird tho, they never jump me on my 22k+ morale warden...). But when you can, it's really fun!

    I'd recommend going full glass-cannon build, that's the only real way you'll be able to make some proper damage, and make sure you got high crit, so you can get off a Rallying Cry for self-healing when you need it.

    5 red+capstone + Now for wrath + Defiance is usually what i go with.

    Spar with some good DPS champs to learn the tricks for 1v1's.

    And always get War Cry Up early in a fight, either from your first DB/PA, or with ToN. It makes a big difference (can easily be tested when sparring)
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    Ok, seriously. I don't do the Moors much, but there is one thing I learned very quickly from the few times I've been there.

    You will be focused first in a group, and you will not have the DPS to win 1v1s. Our DPS is dead last even when we go for a glass cannon build, just don't even bother.
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    Captain can excell at soloing in the moors , it was good even before u10 and ezmode.

    Well, this will answer more than you asked for i guess:



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