We are back from the dead and trying to get our act back together in U10!

Greetings! We are Happy Lembas, a rank 10 kin. We used to be an all Filipino kinship but due to various reasons, we have decided to open it up to everyone. This is a casual kinship where everyone can just have fun, do whatever they wanna do. We basically want people to just enjoy the game amidst the serious business of raids and pvp

Our website is http://happylembas.guildlaunch.com/index.php?gid=314576
Just newly made. Check it out! =]

We decided to open up this kinship globally due to the following reasons:

1) we have started raiding and we need more people to join us
2) we want to help people who want to learn more about the game

So if anyone is interested, just post it here or send a tell to any of the officers:

Our active officers are:

Fradda -- though i'm usually on Belgemine or Kary

Help us help you enjoy the game. And remember: no QQ, play fair always.