Is it just me or do cappies have some ridiculous levels of threat generation in mounted combat? I usually run in full tanking gear, 1040 might/1910 vitality and use the blue line on my warsteed so my dps is not high at all. I like to use a shortcut I made for /follow to keep right ontop of mobs rather than worry about a fury bonus so I tend to get more hits in that those who just ride around in circles. With almost every warband short of Shaguk in Wildermore I can tank and spank them in blue line without any heals and what confuses the hell outta me is that I almost never lose the aggression even against well gear players?? I can even hold them off of my gf's glass cannon runekeeper. Usually only glass cannon champs pull from me. If you think I'm nuts try it for yourself!

And to top this all off I use a light warsteed because I hate not having dash as a toggle. Cappies are nuts, none of my other 4 85's can do half of what my cappy can in MC. All I can guess is that using /follow for all those extra attacks is what builds up so much threat?