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    hunter position in fires of smaug

    Just did a failed t2 fires of smaug instance

    The group told me something about the hunters should be position on the rocks in this instance.

    Can anyone explain where and why? Is is to avoid the fires or?

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    I haven't heard of that and would be interested in the reason for it. Which rocks were you getting on? If you can't just easily one jump onto them, I doubt it is worth it. It is pretty easy to avoid fire pubbles.

    My kin only covers valves on one side, which I'm sure is the common strategy. Everyone just stands in front of the grim, basically right at the end of the first path you come out of. The tank stands just to the right, when facing the grim, by the trees. We have four people stay on valves the entire time, in two groups of two. When the fire tender comes, we all go stand in a group behund the fire tender. The tank takes the adds just to the side. Then we go back to the original positions.

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    The little orange box shows a good spot for ranged DPS to stand. From there you can DPS the grim (yellow), help out with the adds (bottom right green), and if needed, close the bottom valve (3). You won't have to move much to be in range of the fire tender (light blue) when it spawns too.

    You don't actually need to stand on a rock, just around the top of the small rocky cliff face. You will still get hit by fire, and will still need to watch for the fire puddles, but there is a bit of room for manoeuvring here. Just make sure you always have line of site with your healer - with no rocks, trees, poles in the way.

    (Original image from http://thegreyguard.net/books/fires-smaug)



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