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    Returning after a year, whats new/changed?

    Hi all,

    Ive not played for a year (left just before may last year) so have no idea whats changed since then with Rohan etc so hoping people can give me a bullet point list of anything big thats new with hunter.

    Im only 42 and a solo player traited currently

    Strong Draw
    Deadly precision
    Arrow Storm
    Swift Recovery

    Hail of Arrows

    No legendarys yet but working on Rain of Thorns and press onward.

    Virtues (whats the cap on them these days?)

    Empathy 12
    Determination 12
    Zeal 11
    Innocence 13
    Wisdom 13

    Ive looked over the LOTRO wiki and cant see anything that looks different but im sure i was reading of some changes to the class that were going to be done with Rohan.

    Thanks for anything you can let me know of.

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    Nothing has changed with you skills and virtues. There is no longer a miss chance on your ranged attacks, so precision stance doesn't help you not to miss anymore. It is still the best stance for focus and critical multplier though.

    Fate is now needed. I have more fate than vitality. It gives critical rating and ICPR, which is needed if you get in longer fights. Critical rating was also changed. It has a cap of 25%, but it now also gives a critical magnitide that has no cap. That means you can stack critical to get bigger critical hits. So fate and critical rating are both more important/helpful now.

    They are doing full class revamps when Helms Deep is released. We don't know what those will bring other than trait trees.

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    Actually, I think I was wrong with the no skill changes. I can't remember the exact changes but I think they changed Hunters Art, and maybe reduced the power restore of our two power regen skills. They also replaced power regen with fate on some relics and gear.

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    Thanks Cirgellon, good to know about the fate will leave my virtues as they are for now but will definitely keep it in mind for gear and levelling in future.



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