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    Insignia of Commanding Presence or True Setting of the North for PVP

    Hi guys, would you suggest the insignia of commanding presence for use in pvp (for CC) or would a true setting of the north be more useful?
    Beautifulheart Level 85 champ (main), Alts: 85 R7 Burg 85 R5 Warden 85 LM 85 RK 75 Mini 75 Guard 85 Cappy 85 Hunter R9 Stalker R7 Defiler

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    Definetely True North.

    Those 10% fear chance relics maybe made sense once when there was an armour set that gave a 30% chance too.
    Now it would be just a waste of stats to have a small chance to fear opponent with battle-shout, a thing that a creep could easily pot too.



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