Greetings Troy,

Thank you for your reply. To start reboot the PC (prevents file in use errors in the next steps) and then perform the following steps:
1.Hold down the Windows key and press "R" and in the run line that comes up type "C:\" (no quotes) and hit enter
2.Double-click on Program Files (note: if you see "Program Files (x86)" double-click on that one instead)
3.In that folder double-click on the Turbine folder and then the The Lord of the Rings Online folder

Within that folder if listed delete the Patches and/or Bindat folders and then perform the additional steps outlined below:
1.Open the Backup folder
2.Copy the entire contents of your backup folder (Ctrl + A to highlight all, Ctrl + C to copy)
3.Go back to the Lord of the Rings Online program folder (Click the Back button in the upper left corner of the folder window) and press Ctrl + V to paste, choosing Yes to All when prompted to overwrite files.

Upon relaunching the game it should proceed to redownload the most recent patches, indicate in your reply if afterward the issue reoccurs.

Thank you,
The Turbine Technical Support Team

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