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Thread: 85 And useless?

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    85 And useless?

    In my earlier cappy days (i.e 1-60ish) in groups captains were awesome! but it seems to me at 85 cappys aren't very valuable to the groups. Sure the buffs and occasional bubble are nice, but every cappy i see on my server is fully decked out for heals, yet easily gets out-healed by the RK or mini. I very well understand we're the support role, which is why I picked a cappy. But I've seen many groups pick anything but a captain (or a burg for that matter, but thats another thread.) I'm hoping with the class revamp some of the classes get nerfed a little bit and our buffs become a little more useful. Once we pop Motivating and a tactic on everyone we might as well leave group, Shield/blade/song bro gets rendered useless when you have 2 champs a mini and a rk in the group. With something like 10k damage every second or 2 and 20k worth of heals in a raid where do we come in? buffing that damage up to 11k? heals up to 21k? I could be totally wrong. Just feel a little left out and useless nowadays.

    Soloing however is totally different..
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