Ohai Firefoot.

I'm setting a challenge for everyone on this server. It is as simple as follows:

I am going to fill 1 chest in my in-game house with hefty loot such as:

. 3x First and Second Age symbols (85)
. 7x First and Second Age Symbols (75)
. Various Lootboxes
. Tier 6-8 Relics
. 3x Level 60-75 First & Second Age Weapons/Class items
. 43x Sturdy Keys
. Epic Cosmetics
. 1x Wiliful Bracelet of the Horse-lords
. 1x Insightful Ancient Bracelet of the Horse-lords
. Rare house furniture
. 1x Secret Item

You have until the 24rd of May, 2013, 5:00pm GMT to find my house, and this chest of riches.

You have no clues, and nobody I'm aware of knows my neighbourhood/address.

Redemption will NOT receive clues, so everyone has a fair chance.

Spread the word, and search for Siggy's house!