OK guys, once again I'm taking a little trip and willing to give up a day to bring some swag and conversation to players. This time I'll be spending the July 4th Weekend in the Buffalo/Cheektowaga area.

What you need to do:

  • Someone needs to step up and find a location and handle the organization of this.
  • Everyone pays their own food/drinks.
  • Post in this thread expressing your interest and where you are located.

What I'll do:

Bring STUFF! For example:

  • Codes for the title "The Well Met"
  • LOTRO Hoodies
  • LOTRO Flags

When?Where I'd prefer to do this.

Either Friday July 5 or Saturday July 6 from 8:00PM - 11:00PM. I'll let you guys decide which works best for the majority. I'd prefer somewhere in the Buffalo/Cheektowaga area. A little further south is OK. Rochester is too far east. Cleveland is too far West. Toronto is too far north.

So let me know your interest level and let's start putting together a rough number of players who would be interested in attending this.