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    Quote Originally Posted by Grishmack View Post
    Everyone misses the old days except for those who were not here for it. I for one started majorly PvPing in RoI so I don't have much to look back on other than grouping with friends and having a good time. Those days are long gone and PvP will probably never be like that again. Leaderboards going down, KBs are pretty much every kill you get, Ranking is like nothing, and the list goes on. LOTRO PvP is over for me for the most part. I'm only really on if I'm extremely bored or if a friend asks me to.

    As Volo mentioned the names you listed are mostly freeps and their creep alts. The pvp is dictated by when those who have their creep alts switch sides.

    Enjoy the new "good" PvP.
    The new pvp on nimrodel is a bunch of ranked op freeps killing greenies , lots of fun
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