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    I can run my warden through 3-4 instances and make way more money than my cook or scholar could make in a week. Crafting is about helping folks. I've never used it as a money making source. Do what you want but I can make 10-20g a night running instances...dare ya to do that with a 6-day cooldown jeweller recipe.
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    I still make lots of easy money selling black dye. No complaints. Keep my alts and friends stacked with potions and scrolls. And mats are all over wildermore.

    What scholars need, though, is a reduction in the stupid time it takes to "read" a node. At max level, it's like a second to harvest ore. Still a good--what, 8 seconds?--for each scholar node. That's the only place I feel scholars get the short end of the stick.
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    Sorry, I still use scholar made craft items far more often than any other crafting class other than cook (and I have them all). Almost all other classes make non-consumables, so I use 'em once and put 'em away until the next tier comes out.
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