The thread title says it all.
I've been a scholar from day one of playing LOTRO, and it's still my favourite craft.
However, there seems to be an increasing trend whereby all the other professions get a slew of great recipes with each major update, while scholars just get new battle and warding lore.

In Update 11, every single other craft got new recipes worth talking about, worth crafting, and worth paying gold for. Scholars, however...? We got new battle and warding lore, and had our dyes undercut by the introduction of the market in Bree.

It's so frustrating that every other craft has a way to make income, while scholars are limited to the occasional pocket item (seriously, what's the point in paying gold for a pocket item when the ones that are freely available in Rohan / Wildermore are equal or better?), and previously, dyes.

Turbine, you make me so mad!