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    Lower direct soldier cooldown is a necessity

    Why is direct soldier even on a one minute cooldown? it's ridiculous. It's so basic and important that it shouldn't even have a cooldown. As any tank class like warden, guardian, champion and captain all you have to do is run in and start fighting, your sage/herbalist/archer will start assisting and there really isn't a problem, everything is quick and easy.

    Yet for any of the caster classes that would benefit from a melee skrim soldier to tank some of the damage, skirmishes are awful. The pathing issues is one thing that affects melee soldiers so horribly, but I can understand that it can be hard to fix it completely. What can be fixed is that awful cooldown on the direct soldier, too many times does a soldier run in and then just attack one enemy, then the second you pull any threat, everything except that one enemy runs after you. Melee soldiers are so awful when you can't direct them to attack specific enemies, they just sit there attacking that one enemy while everything else runs amok. The pathing issue makes already makes them a little undesirable, the direct soldier cooldown on the soldiers that need it the most just makes them worthless. There's no reason it should be there, all it does is make the already bad soldiers worse.

    Directing your soldier to attack specific enemies on the fly should be a serious part of the strategy in skirmishes and not just some ridiculous cooldown on something so basic.

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    Yes I agree with this suggestion.

    Even make it a store-bought skill, I'd buy it if it was permanent.
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