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Good joke, but Sapience jumped in that thread, Im leaning to believe there is no decline.

Post lenght has nothing to do if you are right or wrong.
Population decline doesn't have much to do with this thread. This thread addresses the type of player who leaves when he gets bored *and comes back for updates*.

If the population is staying stable, it's because the are enough new players to offset the major dropoff in endgame players. While this is great for newer players, and people who don't enjoy endgame, it's not good news for people who enjoy new, engaging group content.

That said, Turbine has never released any sort of population or login numbers, and no offense to Sapience, but he didn't say much of anything in that thread. And if he had, what do you think the odds would be that a Turbine employee would willingly jump into a thread and say "He's right, guys, population is going down and the game may be dying."

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Trolling, Reported, you don't bring anything new to the discussion just like Radhruin.
I suppose I'll have to report you for this post, since it is off topic. [/sarcasm]