Man, Congratulations Overlord Scoobiedoom. Your A great warg and an EVEN GREATER friend. whom i LOVE to group with, to see how fast we can blow up the squishies hehe. It seems like only yesterday i met you at rank 10, and now WOW, RANK 14, it’s amazing!!!!! Well done AGAIN, it is a rank VERY few accomplish especially creep side, in fact, you’re the first rank 14 creep of menaldor so I hear which is even more amazing!!!! Keep trucking to rank 15 my good friend, its a push, but if we keep DESTROYING groups of freeps like the 5v2 we did to get you to rank 14 (8v2 if you count the rezzes hehe.) Then rank 15 will take no time at all hehe. SO LET ME HEAR IT ONCE MORE FOR OVERLORD SCOOBIEDOOM CHEERS TO YOU MY GREAT FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(P.S. To any freeps that decide to troll this post, you will become automatic first on the list for food, for getting scoob to rank 15. And creeps hit my ignore list permanently, so good luck getting farmed. Keep it classy Menaldor.)