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    Why is there no real person help during major updates.

    Well it been a week of the tech team asking me to do the same stuff over and over. It like the are hoping that it will just work this time. Not sure how they get awy with but they simply go home 7 pm easten for the weekend when customers can not play or even log on . Lmao i have given them my phone number and was told they do it via email. I offered to load a program and allow one of them to go thru my files and try to do what they need to . Agian this gose by the waste side. I am not sure what to do . I tell them i have tried this and that and they asked for screen shot. I gave them that . And they had me try same thing they offer in 2 previuos emails. I am thinking of posting emails. To show they appear to be taking stuff of the forums and sending it out as there own fixes.

    really you granted me the days you denied me that I had already paid for and you need permission from senior staff for that.i really don't understand the no points or coins deal! I mean YOU ARE REPONSIBLE FOR ME HAVING TO RESTORE MY THATS RIGHT MY COMPUTER TO FACTOR Y SETTINGS. I have gifted at least points at least once and gifted 3 vip memberships 2 of those where 3months 1 was for a month, plus all the points I have bought over the 2 years. none of this will happen if u don't make a better offer. wait a min. you have not made an offer at all. well I guess I will just start posting this in the forum so all can see as it will come to them as no surprise about the really bad service. this about you did not fix my game you screwed my computer up with really bad instructions. mi mean go back and look how many times did I tell you all that I have windows 8 and you sent instructions in window 7/vista. come on man I not begging I telling you owe me for the aggrevation of dealing with tech support that dose not solve the problem. come up with something or lose several hundred dollars a year from me.

    From: Turbine English <accountsupport@turbine.com>
    To: "tabbat_2001@yahoo.com" <tabbat_2001@yahoo.com>
    Sent: Friday, May 24, 2013 7:36 AM
    Subject: Ticket #24001-453794 - Turbine Customer Support

    Greetings Troy,

    Thank you for your response.

    Your help request has been escalated to a senior member and reviewed in detail.

    I am happy to confirm that I have granted ten days of VIP to your account to make up for the time you were unable to play due to some Technical Issues. I am unable to assist with additional Turbine Points or Mithril Coins.

    If you have any additional questions or concerns, please reply to this message and I will be happy to assist further.

    Thank you,
    Senior Account Management Agent

    Turbine, powered by our fans.
    If you reply, please do not change the default subject line. This will ensure that your update is added to your existing ticket. You may always search our FAQ or request additional support at support.turbine.com
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