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    Tracking skills messed up?

    Hello All,

    Anyone else experiencing an issue when tracking, whereby you track something that is very distant and your radar doesn't have anything pointing you in the correct direction to run?

    Sometimes you get a little red arrow pointing the right way, other times you have to kind of run around a little and it shows up.

    Is this a newish bug? When I played before I don't recall this being an issue.


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    Yup, I am getting the same thing quite often. For me, if it isn't on the radar when I initiate the skill I never get the red arrow.
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    Yea, I noticed that too. I was tracking bears in the easternmet and ended up wandering around trying to find the dang bear that my map is supposed to show me tracking.

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    Was working for me yesterday, was in Forochel deeding and used it quite a bit to find Gaurdian <sp?>. Just as a test you might try lowering your video settings (switch to dx9 or medium/low quality) and see if that makes a difference. I run in med/low with dx9 because my pc crashes when using anything else.

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    I am having the same issue. It isn't the video settings (for me anyway). It does the same thing on all the settings. Also noticed that when I track ore or wood, sometimes they don't show up until I am right on top of them. It may be a lag issue more than anything....



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