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    Jan 2013

    Need tipps for a new server

    Hi there,

    any tipps for an active pvmp creep server where not only r10-15 is walking around?
    Just want to start a new creep and was wondering which server i should take.

    Currently playing on 2 german servers (Belegaer & Morthond) but if you dont know someone there you're lost.

    So please help me with the choice... language doesn't matter as long as there's alot of fun.

    Thanks / Merci / Danke

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    Elendilmir creepside has a healthy international representation so might be a good fit for you. There are a lot of high ranked creeps, but if you are willing to get on free Teamspeak you can usually find a group/raid regardless of your rank. TS login info is at: http://www.theblackappendage.com/con...reep-speak-ts3
    Sniz(defiler) / Johanson(cappy)

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    Jan 2013

    thank you.
    Teamspeak is no problem. I think the most funny part in the moors is on Teamspeak, right?

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    I'd recommend our server, but we're kinda flooded on Creeps. Try creating a rank 0 on each server and give them a try. Mene was good last time I visited.



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