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    Not Earning Reputation

    I am level 80, and 6.4k short of Kindred with Riders of Stangard. I was handing in thick branches and heartwood, punctured shields etc. on the taskboard and getting 300 rep at a time - until suddenly I was not getting anything, just XP. I have never had this issue before, I have always been able to hand in task items and get to kindred including Limlight Gorge which is the one I previously attained kindred with.

    Can anyone explain why the Riders of Stangard task board allows me to collect and turn in tasks (still stating that I will earn 300 rep as part of the reward) but no longer actually gives the rep?

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    Be advised that Thick Branches and Knotted Heartwood do not give Riders of Stangard Reputation. They add to the Heroes of the Limlight Gorge Reputation.
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    If you need to raise your Stangard rep, try doing the daily quests located in the Wailing Hills, Etheburg and Rushgore. These should get you up to kindred in 2-3 days if you're only 6400 short.
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