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    Tactical mitigation - where to get it without nerfing Agi too much?

    I'm just about to get my ideal armour setup (2 Greater Erebor Huntsman, 4 Greater Erebor Bowmaster). Currently running 2 GEH, 2 GEB, 2 Hytbold Huntsman until I can get some more gems.

    Sadly, because I'm aiming for the 4-set bonus from Bowmaster, this means losing my lovely Shoulder Guards of the Forsaken Trove (150 agi, 38 vit, 778 phys mit, 778 tac mit). This means my tactical mit will drop well below 30%, which I am NOT happy with.

    Where else can I get a decent slice of mit without nerfing my agility too much?

    Current gear:
    Ears: 2 level 85 Shadowstalker's Studs (150 agi, 75 vit, 384 crit)
    Neck: Shiny Sunbrand Neck of Dexterity (162 agi, 463 morale, 1030 crit def)
    Arms: Gold Horse-Lords Agi (158 agi, 449 morale, 800 crit), level 85 Wristband of the Footpad (113 agi, 75 vit, 75 fate)
    Rings: Mooncandle Huntsman Ring (agi proc), Former Resident's Ring (150 agi, 38 vit, 384 PMR, 1164 finesse) or Gwannin (113 agi, 75 vit, 384 PMR, 1164 finesse)
    Pocket: Key of the Ancient Barrow (150 agi, 384 crit, 38 fate, crit proc)
    Cloak: Drape of the Invading Horde (150 agi, 384 crit, 38 fate, 1164 finesse)
    Off-hand: Sambrog's Rugged Club (150 agi, 384 crit, 538 PMR)

    1st Age bow, 2nd Age sword.

    Virtues: Zeal, Fidelity, Loyalty, Determination, Tolerance

    Current thoughts:

    Replace Determination or Zeal by Honour.
    Replace the agi+crit gem on my sword for a True Gem of the Twilight (323 crit def, 242 tac mit, 330 morale).
    Grind for a Wyrmfire Huntsman's Ring of Rohan to replace the teal ring and move the crit proc to there, giving the possibility for a pocket with better mits - what?
    Replace one of my agi guild relics by an Emblem of Protection (lose 30 Agi and 640 PMR, gain 640 phys/tac mit)

    Give up trying to keep my agi and get Sarchol )

    Any other ideas?
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    Perhaps you ought to replace your rings with a couple of Rings of Deep Water: 150 agi, 113 vit. That adds a nice amount of vit. Honestly, 30% is fine. Whatever you lost from giving up those shoulders is gained from getting those 2 rings from Glinghant. You'll lose the agi proc, but since you're already contemplating giving up some agi, that shouldn't hurt you much. :P

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    And if you want to replace the pocket with something else, you can get the cloak from Smaug, that gives you a crit proc and a decent amount of crit as well. And get a pocket with tactical mit, I personally don't know of any but I think there's a egg or something from Haudh Valendil? That may be crit defense, I'm not sure.
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    Thanks Arleth.

    I'm thinking I may do the following as lowest impact change to start with:

    - Get the tac mit gem (True Gem of the Twilight) on my sword (only)
    - Replace Zeal with Honour.

    End result:

    Agi: -27
    Vit: +12
    PMR: -270
    Crit: -625
    Morale: -74
    Armour: -240
    Phys mit: -492
    Tac mit: +678
    Crit Def: +323
    Resistance: +2760

    So negligible loss of morale and PMR, but big pluses to tac mit, crit defence and resistance.

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    I know you said you don't want to nerf your agility too much but what I would just equip Sarchol as you said. Just take a record of the hardest hitting tactical attack outside of the moors you've experienced and see how significant the change would be if you added some hypothetical tactical mitigation. Hots should be able to take care of anything else besides that if you're talking about grouping.
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    Definitely swap in honour for your one of virtues, though my first choice would've suggested taking loyalty out before the zeal, and innocence would be another possible virtue I'd consider using instead of probably the determination, or maybe zeal.

    The crafted vitality pockets are a solid option for some tact mit (I prefer the great river one over the Eomer one because it has twice the crit rating on it: https://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Ite...ook_of_Defence)
    And there are many options to replace the crit proc for agi classes: Reclaimed battlefield cloak, earring from fornost water, gold rohan ring.

    As well, I still find situations where slotting in Gregolin to be a quick fix. It only has about 70 agi on it, but an additional 700 mastery and 1500 tact mit to give a solid boost with little effort.

    That said, there's so much gear out there with various stat combinations that it's really hard to find that ideal build anymore. I find that I have 2-3 bags full of gear that I'm constantly swapping out trying to adjust my build for that sweet spot, but ultimately find there's a couple main setups I go back to more often depending on the type of content I'm running at the time.

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    Went with the gem and Honour for Zeal. With buffs and scrolls, tac mit now back at a respectable 37ish. I think, as Lenilie suggested, I will look for the reclaimed battlefield cloak and put my Eomer scroll to service.



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